Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Format USB flash drive on MAC terminal

File transfer and sharing is common these days.  If someone is using a MAC and he needs to transfer files from his MAC to some other device or wants to copy some files to MAC, USB drive is used.  USB flash drives are very handy and easy to use.  Apple computer has a program “Disk Utility” through which you can format the USB drive on MAC easily.

Formatting a USB Flash drive in Mac OSX can be little different from formatting it in windows.  Formatting a USB flash drive in Mac OS can be done by a GUI app called Disk Utility. This tool is used in all latest versions of Apple Mac OSX including 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6.
If you are using a MAC OSX and want to format your USB Flash drive then the steps are easy. There are certain steps which you need to follow.  
You need to reformat it to HFS+ (Mac OS Extended (Journal)) which allows larger file sizes.

One important thing to Note: Keep a backup of your data before beginning the format procedure.  

However, once you have formatted your USB drive and just cannot retrieve your files back then do not panic. In order to get back your precious photos, audios or videos back, the best possible solution to go for will be to download and run Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software.

Steps to follow for formatting the USB flash drive on Mac terminal.

1.       Since many USB flash drives are meant to be formatted by windows, so the first step required is to change the drive's formatting to the standard used by OS X (Mac OS X Extended journal). This is so because, the USB drive available in the finder section comes to be formatted as Windows NTFS drive. On This drive, OSX can only read, so we need to reformat it to read and write.
2.        Connect your USB flash drive to your MAC and go to the finder option. Here you will find the applications folder. Go to

Applications>Utilities> Disk Utility

3.       Once you are in Disk Utility application, select the USB drive name and click the erase option. The flash drive should be listed on the left side of the window. 
4.       Make sure that the format dropdown menu has “MS-DOS (FAT)”.option.
5.       Once done, last but not the least, click on the erase tab and you’ll get your USB drive formatted.

Formatting the USB flash drive on MAC by command line.

Formatting the USB flash drive can also be done  using the command line by using diskutil which is the command line interface to Disk Utility, launch Terminal, Applications/Utilities/Terminal – to see a list of your disks:

Command : diskutil eraseDisk JHFS+ myUSB disk2

diskutil eraseDisk erases the USB flash drive, formatted as JHFS+ which is the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and is named as myUSB  and the destination disk is defined by its identifier disk2. 


Formatting is a common procedure and can be required anytime. Formatting can be used for freeing up storage space, memory card error handling, taking care of memory cards at regular interval or  erasing existing data. The above guide can help you to guide you through once you need to format your USB flash drive.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Recover Photos From Kodak Pixpro after facing error “Memory Card requires formatting” or “Memory Card Error”

Many of us face situations when we face some error message in our digital camera. The kind of error message may vary depending upon the kind of error. Just take for an example our Kodak Camera Pixpro  is throwing an error message memory card error”. After that you are unable to access any of its files.

Kodak Pixpro is a leading micro four third system . On 2014, JK Imaging Ltd., which currently hold the Kodak brand, released its first Micro Four Thirds camera, the Kotak Pixpro S1.. The Kodak Pixpro S-1 is a rangefinder-styled digital mirrorless camera announced on January 7, 2014

Kodak is one of the popular brands in the field of cameras. Even before the emergence of digital camera, Kodak was best for manufacturing cheap and best film cameras. All the files in digital cameras are stored in SD card.  But sometimes improper handling or accidental deletion can cause data loss from digital camera.

Reasons for facing error message “memory card error “or “memory card requires formatting”

      ·        Memory card is locked unintentionally
·        Memory card corruption due to improper shut down or read/write operation
·        Over usage or exceeding the memory card limit beyond its capacity
·        Improper removal of memory card while camera in in between read/write operation
·        Power failure, surges and fluctuations
·        Memory card is improperly formatted
·        Virus infection and malware

To recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos, videos, or other multimedia files from your digital camera, you can use a SD card recovery software. The software use strong scanning algorithms. There are various software available on-line available in both free and paid version. However, free software may lack few features. It is advisable to use efficient and reliable SD card recovery software.

Consider a case wherein you are using Kodak Pixpro S-1 digital camera. While accessing pictures from it's memory card, you encountered the following error:

““memory card requires formatting””

Hence, this error is prompting you to access your pictures in your digital camera.

Cause: The possible causes of encountering may be due to any of the above reasons


To fix the above error message, following solution steps are preferred:

  • Format the card.
  • Replace the card
  • If memory card is corrupt, then reformat it.

If you have a backup of the files then reformatting will erase the data and the memory card can be used further. But in case you do not have a backup, then it is best advisable to rely on a aSD card recovery software.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Top 5 Photo Recovery Software you should try at least once

We all get upset after losing photo. We face situations when Photos get deleted or lost from camera, mobile phone or computer hard drive.

Thanks to the availability of recovery software that people are able to recover their photos. However, people often get confused when it comes to choosing software which can recover almost 100% photos. In such situation, few people make wise decision as to rely or remember one brand name and to download and install it permanently and use whenever needed.

But sometimes, users search the web and find lot of recovery programs, only to ask themselves, which one to use?

After you find one and make up your mind to use it, later on you find that the free version is lacking few features , or the most powerful paid programs needs honed technical skill or taking long time to recover your files.

There are many programs on the internet which claims to be free but are not free. In such situation, it is better to be aware and have a little knowledge about recovery software.

Here a brief overview of top programs which recovers the photos effectively and efficiently. The below written article can be used as a guide when it comes to choose from recovery software. We will introduce you to many great photo recovery programs to choose from both (free and paid.)

1. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software ($39)

Stellar Phoenix is an effective, efficient and user friendly paid program to recover deleted photos or pictures. It allows you to recover deleted photos from all brands of digital camera, mobiles, USB drive, internal and external hard drives and all other external storage devices. It boasts of deep scanning algorithm and consistent recovering capabilities, however scanning process takes time and needs your patience.

2, PhotoRec   (Free)

PhotoRec is a wonderful free recovery program which supports Windows OS X/ OS/ DOS. It recovers deleted photos from digital cameras, memory cards, hard drives and other storage devices programs. However many users feel that it is not so user friendly as it only works via command line.
Program to recover deleted photos – PhotoRec

3, Zar(Zero assumption recovery) (49.95$)

Even if Zar is not free software, you may use the free trial version to undelete or recover your photos. It uses a deep scanning mechanism and it recognizes your drive, even if the device is damaged or not recognized by PC. Also the capability to recognize more file types and reliable recovering capabilities than any other software makes it stand apart. The only drawback people find is that is sometimes slow.

4, PicaJet Photo Recovery (Free)
Another powerful photo recovery program to recover deleted photos, but if you want to use this software, you need to have a basic technical knowledge. This program is used mostly by professional photographers or skilled computer users.

5. Undelete 360 (Free)

Undelete 360 is another free version files of a recovery program used to restore accidentally or unintentionally deleted files. Only one thing you have to bear with is that you have to select each file individually even if you have large files to recover. However, the paid version is free of such complexity.

In spite of lacking few features, Undelete is efficient in recognizing and recovering more file types than other recovery programs.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Child Went Missing! Unusual Story of How Recovery software saves the family.

Karen, Olivia and Kim were an apparently happy family settled in downtown, Dallas Texas. Karen, a very passionate photographer loves to shoot day and night and can almost bring life to every piece of object clicked through his hands. They were a small family and Olivia his wife is a home maker by choice and loved spending her time in the house doing the entire household chore and taking care of her kitchen perfectly, upbringing and spending time with her 3 year old daughter Kim, cooking delicious food for the family, and gardening her small backyard which she loved.
Olivia had reasons for that. Karen and Olivia hardly spent time together and since Karen had critical outdoor project shoots to handle and also provide for the house, Olivia silently grieved and wished for his time and attention for the family, especially for their daughter Kim.
There were countless times when Karen did not turned up on time for their promised evening getaway, or a holiday break, or parents meeting at school or even their 8th wedding anniversary!
Karen and Olivia after a lot of counseling from a family friend happily decided to spend their next week in a 5 days holiday trip. Karen also promised to buy Olivia a new cell phone as gift when her cell phone got dropped on the floor and stopped functioning.

The Location was exquisite………the rooms decorated perfectly and the restaurant had the perfect ambience. For Olivia it was a long cherished dream. She didn’t even remember when the last time they had such a holiday break.
Olivia was sitting in the lawn and was lost in the thoughts of their fading marriage and mending their bond. Karen promised to return after a one hour teleconferencing. They had hardly noticed Kim from last 30 minutes. She was busy playing in the lawn with friends. Olivia suddenly broke from her thoughts and looked for Kim but she wasn’t there. Kim…….Kim……Kim…..the voice went unheard leaving Olivia heartbroken, shattered and exhausted after 3 hours of long search.
Karen without blaming Olivia realized the situation and Olivia’s mental state. Karen being a professional photographer was always organized and had a good knowledge of latest technology trends and data recovery techniques. He recovered few pictures of their daughter from Olivia’s cell phone through recovery software. He circulated the hardcopy as well as the softcopy of Kim’s pictures wherever possible.
After 5 days, her daughter was found in a charity home and they told that some good soul had found her roaming and brought her here.
The incident was a learning experience. Karen learnt to be more attentive and caring towards family sentiments.
Later on Olivia and Karen narrated the story to their friends and relatives that how the recovery software helped them to recover their kid’s pictures from the phone’s memory card and trace her whereabouts quickly.
Now the question is who do you think is responsible for the incidence? Do you think, Olivia being aware of her father’s absence should have shown more responsibility and alertness while being on such a unknown place and should not have left her daughter alone.
Or Karen could be there all around them as they were on a holiday break and also being compassionate of her wife’s requisite of togetherness and understanding?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7 silly mistakes which may corrupt your Kodak Easy Share C195 card

Camera memory cards are used as a storage device for storing multimedia files, such as pictures and videos.  It is widely used to expand the storage capacity in digital cameras as these devices have limited internal memory capacity for storing data.
People widely use memory cards as their photo repository. Kodak Easy Share C195 use SD card of varied sizes and capacity depending upon the usage.  Due to rising usage of SD cards, the chances of data loss are also rising. But nowadays, there’s no need of any fright as chance of recovery is ALMOST 100%.
 However it is advisable to keep a backup of all the important files and pictures on at least two separate safe location so that if the data is lost from memory card, you can recover it back easily from the backup. In case you have not kept a backup, then opt for memory card recovery software to recover photos back. Failing to do that drags you into the devastating situation of photo loss that occurs due to various reasons. These reasons may range from accidental deletion, unplanned formatting of SD card to corruption of the card. Read More about Recovery Software

The reasons for memory card corruption are mainly human errors. However, a little awareness can save everyone from such scenarios.
Avoid following 7 things which may corrupt your Kodak Easy Share C195 card
  1. Memory card is removed improperly (without proper ejection procedure) and showing error messages.
  2. Same memory card is repetitively used on different devices causing damage to the card. Sometimes memory card is accidentally formatted die to accidentally pressing the format option.
  3. Improper removal of Memory card and use of the same Memory card on different electronic gadgets frequently can damage the file system of Memory card. On such situation, memory card might display the error like “format error” or “card not formatted error”, etc. To access files on Memory car, you need to format it. But formatting Memory card will throw you at the end of data loss.
  4. Interruption during read/write process due to sudden power failure, virus attack, improper shutdown, abrupt removal of memory card while the photos are being transferred to or from memory card
  5. Use of memory card even after memory card gives “card full” message. Memory cards that are too full may cause to overwrite the header
  6. Recklessly taking and deleting picture without giving the camera the time to read/write the pictures may cause card corruption
  7. Clicking pictures in low battery.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

6 Tips Why a Beginner Photographer will love their Photographs

Photography is something which really excites and attracts few people.  But for a beginner there are plenty of things to keep in mind before you start shooting. The first thing is to keep in mind that whether it is an indoor or outdoor shoot. 
Let us see some simple outdoor tricks of capturing great shots rather than investing bucks on expensive cameras or blaming the cameras for the shots.

You'll love your photographs after you learn these tips and start to capture shots

Use your common sense. Look your surroundings for ample sunlight. Do not take photos when the sun is behind the object.  Watch to see whether the lighting is sufficient for shooting. In case where the light is not sufficient use your camera’s flash to fill the shadows.

This term means how you are positioning your objects .Here the question is comes, that why you are taking the photograph. Sometimes you like a moment and just want to capture the spontaneity out of it. You do not pay attention to the detail that whether to take close focus, blurred background, portrait or anything else. The moment is important not the composition.  
However, sometimes you cannot really tell that whether a collection of photographs are of the same instance or different instances. That’s the magic of photography.  Great photography can drive you to conclude that all the photographs are entirely different from each other, while all of them are clicked in the same location, same time and at same instances.  

The right alignment, the context, and the surroundings of your frame, all are important.

Right Mode
The decision is yours. It is up to you to decide that whether you want your camera to take decision for you or you want to set your mode the right way. There are several screen modes to choose from.

White balance: 
By adjusting the white balance, you can get better looking photos.  In Some point and shoot cameras, you have to adjust to the white balance, while few DSLR are already equipped with white balance feature to automatically adjust the  white balance depending upon the color of light in which you are shooting.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deleted Pictures from Sony CyberShot DSC-W730 Digital Camera? Here's how you get back!

 Sony is a renowned name in the world of electronics and it is widely popular for its range of cameras since its earlier days. Sony Cyber-shot is one of the most popular line of digital cameras, that include a smattering of big zoom models at the top end, with a stylish look, metal-bodied ‘point and shoot’ models. All of the Cyber-shot models are named with DSC prefix, which is also known as 'Digital Still Camera' and use Carl Zeiss branded lenses. As these cameras belong from Sony, so they support Sony’s Memory PRO Duo flash memory or proprietary Memory Stick, SD and SDHC. Some of the camera models also support CompactFlash.

Recently I bought a Sony cyber-shot DSC-W730 Digital Camera, which takes the best pictures in the range of its class. It is specially designed to experience the high zooming feature with superb clarity and you will experience the best photography moments with this Sony camera. I took it on a trip with my friends and clicked hundreds of pictures. When I came back and checked the photos, I accidentally deleted all my photos instead of one photograph. It was a scary and panic situation for me. In this camera some of my old pictures were also there; I deleted all of them suddenly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

14 Reasons Why I prefer Android Phone Over Apple IOS based IPhone

iOS and Android both have lots of feature in common, but when it comes to comparison between the two, it largely depends on user’s  taste, own personal preference and kind of usage pattern. Apple fans will always prefer the iPhone OS as it blends with other Apple products such as Apple Mac, IPods and I pads.

Android as well as IOS both have touchscreen and come with swiping and tapping mechanism.  iOS screen have app icons while  android home screen uses widgets for instant updates regarding weather, emails , calls, texts, etc.

With android phone, it requires only limited number of actions to respond to notifications. I do not have to go to each and every app individually to close/open/attend them. The notifications appear as pop-up windows rather than taking over the whole screen of the device which makes it easier to tap away insignificant notifications and stay connected with what I was previously doing.

Apple’s iPhone has a bit restricted usage when it comes to using apps.  Although Apple’s recently launched IOS 8 has a lot of upgraded feature compared to previous versions in terms of apps, Android was already providing all these apps from long before.  And the best part is Google’s Android is constantly updating with new features.
With Android, only it takes to download unlimited apps available online and which is suitable for the operating system.  Let me share why i choose Android Smartphone over Apple IOS based Iphone.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Restore Deleted Photos from Olympus Digital Camera

Olympus is a well-known brand in the world of camera manufacturer companies. It completely matches its brand value with the quality of the camera. This range of camera offers some best photography technology with many optical options to its users. However, any electronic device cannot avoid human errors, no matters how reliable and technologically sound it is. If you will not handle it properly, you may have to experience some disastrous results and you have to use any process to retrieve deleted photo.

Like a human brain, human errors also could be unpredictable and complicated. You must take care of mistakes that you can avoid such as sudden deletion, camera or memory card formatting, and many more. Most errors result in data loss or in camera can say photo loss. In Olympus camera, mostly all the photos and other media files are stored in Memory card and popular types of storage cards are SD, SDHC, MMC, and CF.
There could be many situations where you may format memory card because of some alert messages. At times, when you insert storage media into a desktop or laptop to copy the images, the system may not recognize your card and ask for format. If you follow all the instruction without noticing the content, then it will format your Olympus camera memory card. As a result, your complete valuable digital photos will be deleted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How you will save your priceless photographs from disaster

Have you ever thought of preservation and safety of your personal and family photograph?? We never think of the worst but are we sure that Mother Nature will never be harsh on those priceless photographs. How will they survive natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and fires?
If some worst happens like fire, storms, earth quake, then will you be able to recreate those moments twice. The moments once lost will be lost forever.
When question arises of preserving and backing up of photographs, we think that it is the task of a professional photographer. Perhaps some of us think complacently that such things are not needed as such tragedy may not happen with us.
But professional photographers are not the only ones who suffer and need as backup strategy. What will happen to the family and personal photos which are stored on your hard drive?
You may have insurance for your home, your vehicle, your family members etc but there is no insurance for photos which are in physical form. You may have kept it in albums, photo frames, pasted in your scrapbook, etc.
The best way is to digitize it and keep it away from your home. These days’ modern photographers have digital photo albums that they share on social media.  There are many sites which provide facilities to organize and store your photo safely. People are also sharing there photographs on their mobiles, laptops, etc .
If the photographs are a physical form, then you may scan and upload it in your system. However sometimes, it becomes very difficult to scan every photograph and upload it. For that reason you may require some service
Many people store there images on computers. With time, they get piled up and at the end of the day you find there are thousands of photographs kept in your computers/laptops. The computers are machines and every machine has a lifetime. They get wearied down every day and one day they just stop working making you realize that you have thousands of precious photos at stake.
Use a Digital camera
You can easily create digital copies of your photos. Whenever you are developing a photograph,  apart from keeping it in external storage devices, you can try to keep important photograph on your social media profile on the internet.
Scan and keep a copy of your photos.
You can scan and keep the copies of photos elsewhere, away from your home. If you have numerous of photographs to digitize, then you can hire a service to do it.
You can buy a scanner and a photo editing software, if you want to scan, organize and format your own photographs as you like.
Diversify your photos on various locations.
Keep a couple of SD cards, and keep a copy of your photographs. Do not keep them at same places.  There are some online services also available which will upload your photos online for a low monthly fee.
Regularly do a maintenance checkup on your photo collection
·         Make a habit of Deleting unnecessary, bad  photographs
·         Avoid keeping duplicate photos on same location
·         Organizing and keeping photographs folder wise and categorically.
·         Occasionally reevaluate your photo collection.

Last but not least, do not panic. Rely on a  photo recovery tool
Use of professional camera recovery software can recover lost photos, but can also recover audios, videos, and other multimedia files. The simple, intuitive user interface of these tools enables its users to perform a foolproof recovery of his digital files by themselves. Most of the tools are available separately for Mac and Windows users, so the users need not to worry about the Operating System used on their computer.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Optimize Your SDHC Card By Different Recovery Options

Photo is the best way to keep your good time with you forever. The Digital image format is the latest way to take and save photos by camera devices. However, to store all photos captured by camera, you have to use memory cards. The SDHC card is known as Secure Digital (SD) and (HC) High Capacity, it is a nonvolatile memory card format, which is used in portable devices such as handheld consoles, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, mobile phones, and tablets. The capacity of SDHC is greater than 2 GBs and is extended up to 32 GB.

There are a lot of useful online tools available that can easily recover photos from SDHC card. Some SDHC card recovery software are available online for free, and some of them are paid, it is recommended that always select a reliable and reputed product for your recovery process as some kind of carelessness can erase your photos permanently from your SDHC card. Check the compatibility of the software with your current operating system and read the reviews of the product before you purchase a photo recovery software. It would be better if you use the free demo version of the online SDHC card recovery tool to check the efficiency of it..

SDHC cards are very popular among all potable device users as they provide amazing performance that includes storage capacity, portability, saving or accessing media files, durability, and reliability. However, at the same time SDHC cards are not much protected from different types of corruption issues like other memory cards and storage media. Therefore, it is very often that your SDHC card is trapped under any data loss crisis. There could be more reasons of data loss except corrupt media, at times, accidentally deletion of files, and formation of bad sectors in the card becomes a big cause of data loss. In any case you always wish to recover your photos and it is not that much difficult as you think. There are some simple methods by which you can easily recover photos from SDHC card.

Recovery Options For SDHC card:

There is no manual procedure to recover deleted files and formatted external storage media in Windows or any other operating system, so you only have to obtain a professional recovery tool to get back your complete lost data.   

There are a lot of useful online tools available that can easily recover photos from SDHC card ,  Click to see how.
Some SDHC card recovery software are available online for free, and some of them are paid, it is recommended that always select a reliable and reputed product for your recovery process as some kind of carelessness can erase your photos permanently from your SDHC card. Check the compatibility of the software with your current operating system and read the reviews of the product before you purchase a photo recovery software. It would be better if you use the free demo version of the online SDHC card recovery tool to check the efficiency of it.

Prominent Tips for Safety of SDHC Card from Data Loss:

  • Make sure that you always safely remove the SDHC card from your computer. Removing the SDHC card at the time of the run can corrupt it and leads to data loss.
  • Always check the battery before you use them, as battery issue can corrupt the device. Do not use the camera device in low battery status. It is recommended that always perform cycling/conditioning of your batteries, at least once a month. It will keep the batteries fresh as well as cycled.
  • Avoid using the same SDHC card in more than one electronic device. It is recommended that always use one memory card for one device because using one card between more than one camera models can result a corruption error.
  • After using the camera do not turn off it immoderately, give some time to the camera to write every data properly on the SDHC card. This will avoid the possible corruptions that can cause data loss.
  • Scan your electronic device with a good anti-virus program so that it can remove possible harmful virus from your device as well as computer.
  • Avoid deleting image before backup. At times, when the SDHC card is connected to the computer it will automatically ask you to format it; always check before you take any action like this.
  • Do not edit large file formats like RAW and TIFF directly on your camera with any editing software, as it can take you to data loss. Once you are done with backup file, you can apply anything to your media files.

Major Reasons of Data Loss:

Interrupted Read / Write Operation: At the time of read and write operation with SDHC card, any kind of interruption can cause data loss. At the same time, pulling out the memory card when it is running on any device or sudden power failure at the time of data transfer can mandate the recovery process.

Formatting SDHC Card:  Sometimes, user accidentally formats the memory card. At the same time, any kind of corruption make data inaccessible and in a need of space user format it without applying recovery process, and rewrite further data in it. Never do such process, as it will reduce the chances of recovery. It is recommended that, first apply SDHC card recovery software to your inaccessible data and after recovery save data on another place and then only format your SDHC card for further use.

Virus Attack: Any kind of virus infection can make the media files stored in SDHC card, inaccessible. These injurious programs may delete many files from SDHC card and to recover you have to use online photo recovery software to recover your complete lost data. 

Corrupted SDHC Card File System: Usually at the time of exploring the information with the SDHC card users encounter many errors with it such as “Card could not be used” or “Card could not be recognized”. These error messages are the sign of damaged file system and it is also a sign of data loss.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tips to Prevent Memory Card from Data Loss

Losing data from memory card is not uncommon and many of the digital camera users come across such situations; but have you ever thought that why this occurs so frequently? Well, one of the biggest reasons for the same is your haphazard ways of handling your digital camera and its memory card. Therefore, if you follow certain tips, then you can avoid data loss on memory card to great extent. Mentioned below is the list of tips or precautionary measures to avoid data loss from memory card:

Tips to Prevent Memory Card Data Loss:

A common mistake that is done by most of the digital camera users is using one memory card in multiple cameras or other image capturing devices. Using the same card in more than one camera corrupts the file system of the card and makes all the data completely inaccessible. Therefore, if you want to use one memory card with more than one camera, then format the card in that camera and then start using it. Take a backup of your data before formatting the card.
Pulling the card out of the camera without switching the camera off interrupts the ongoing data reading or writing process, and hence corrupts the card. This causes inaccessibility of all the stored data. Whenever you have to take the memory card out of the camera, switch the camera off, wait for few minutes, and then take the card out of the camera.
Clicking photos in low battery mode of the camera until the camera dies also interrupts ongoing read/write process, and hence corrupts the card. Therefore, as soon as you realize that your camera is running low on battery, recharge or replace the batteries, and then restart clicking.
Sometimes rapid clicking also corrupts the camera card and causes inaccessibility of all the photos stored on it. Therefore, it is suggested to be patient and click photos one by one.
Do not fill the camera card to its maximum limit and always try to leave space for few clicks.

By following the above tips and taking all the precautions as mentioned above, you can prevent data loss. However, if in case, you come across photo loss due to any reason, then using a professional card recovery software is recommended. Reliable card recovery tool can recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos without causing any deterioration in the quality of the recovered image files. The software supports almost all kinds of digital cameras and memory cards. 

The comprehensible user interface of an efficient software makes it possible for you to perform the recovery of your files without much hassle. Whether you are a professional photographer or a non-professional user, photo recovery tool is simple, easy, and efficient utility for you to undo the loss of your digital files.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lost Photos from the Memory Card of Your Mobile ? – Don’t worry ! Here is the Solution

The availability of digital camera feature in electronic gadgets like mobile phones makes it easy to capture even the tiniest moment of happiness. These advanced mobile phones generally support large capacity memory cards, which enable them to store hundreds of photos together. Therefore, the combination of digital camera and memory card makes it possible to click invaluable images anytime anywhere. However, like any other digital photos, an image file stored on the memory card of these advanced mobile phones too is prone to loss.

A mobile phone user too encounters photo loss due to various reasons. Some of the commonly seen scenarios wherein a mobile phone user loses his precious image files are:

·         Accidental deletion of photos while viewing them in the phone or transferring them from mobile      phone to computer.
·    Unexpected formatting of the memory card of mobile phone due to virus attack or file system corruption.
·    Clicking photos in low battery mode of the mobile phone until the phone dies also corrupts the memory card used in your mobile phone, and hence results in data loss.
·         Many times, users use one memory card in multiple mobile phones. This too can corrupt the card, and hence can cause inaccessibility of all the data stored on it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Precautions And Recovery After Digital Photo Loss

Digital camera has given you the facility to view your favorite photos or video soon after capturing them. To get the hard copy of those photos, connect your camera to your computer, transfer them and get it printed. Different from traditional film camera, you are not restricted to click only certain number of pictures; the memory card of digital camera provides you facility to click hundreds or even thousands of photos. With all these advantages, proper handling of digital camera is always required because single delete button can vanish all the pictures stored on it.  Hence, it is always recommended to have a regular backup of all the data so that neither formatting nor accidental deletion can create situation of data loss. However you can use third-party recovery software that helps you to to overcome from any situation of data loss. Through their powerful scanning mechanism, it  can recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos, music, and video files.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Methods to Fix BlackBerry Smart Phone Memory Card Corruption Errors

The BlackBerry phone is one of the leading names among various brands of smart phones. Basically, BlackBerry has changes the trend of telephones in a way that your mobile phones are not limited with calling and texting, but they provide you all the things that matter in your personal or professional life. You can capture images with your BlackBerry, watch videos and TV online with it, access to emails and the Internet, and do lot more. Although BlackBerry smart phones have good amount of inbuilt memory to store all your precious data, but they also support extendable memory in the form of external data storage devices like memory cards.
Most of the BlackBerry smart phones use microSD and microSDHC type of memory cards to store all your precious photos, audios, videos, etc. However, at times some BlackBerry users complain that they come across below mentioned error messages on the home screen of their very own smart phone while trying to access data from its memory card:

Blackberry Memory Card Errors

  •      Memory card contains errors, please use a disk checking utility on a computer
  •     Media cannot be accessed due to fatal errors.
  •    A Media Card has been inserted that contains errors. To correct the error        please use a  disk error-checking utility on a computer.
  •   Media card cannot be read. Verify that the memory card is formatted
  •   A media card is not presently inserted in device
  •  History Disabled: Media Card not detected' and 'History Enabled: Media Card  detected
  •  Media Card with an error detected. Repair media card?'

You can try any of the below mentioned resolutions to overcome such errors:
Solution 1: Scan the memory card of your BlackBerry for errors: 
  • Follow below mentioned steps to check your BlackBerry for errors and rectify them.
  • Connect your BlackBerry with your computer and enable its Mass Storage Mode.
  • Go to ‘My Computer’ where a drive as removable drive with name BlackBerry<drive> is shown.
  • Select this BlackBerry drive, right click on it and click ‘properties’ from the drop down.>
  • Click Tools tab and under error checking, click ‘Check Now’.
  • Here select both the options which are ‘Automatically fix file system errors’ and ‘Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors’
  •      Click ‘Start’
If above mentioned method fails to do the needful, then using efficient memory card recovery software can do the needful.

Use professional memory card recovery tool: You Can download professional memory card recovery software from http://www.retrievephotos.com/ 

Memory card recovery software handles all levels of memory card corruption and recovers your precious photos, audios, videos saved on the memory card of your BlackBerry. However, for successful recovery of your files with any professional recovery software, it is recommended to attach your memory card with card reader to your computer and then start recovery.

Solution 2: Format your card.

Sometimes, you see that the phone is not recognizing the media card, but all the photos, videos and audio files are intact there. In such situation you should pull out your memory card, put in a card reader/adapter and copy all its data to a computer. You can backup and access your data stored in the memory card through  PC.  Reformat your memory card and then reinsert in your phone.

If You Want To Format Memory card on Blackberry Phone

1.     Clock on the options menu
2.     Go to the option Device->Storage->Format (select the media card)
And you’re done.

Solution 3: Repair your media card Before using the repair feature of your phone please keep in mind that few files may get deleted which causes errors from your blackberry memory card

               Go to Options>click on Memory->Repair (follow the instructions) 

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