Sunday, October 19, 2014

6 Tips Why a Beginner Photographer will love their Photographs

Photography is something which really excites and attracts few people.  But for a beginner there are plenty of things to keep in mind before you start shooting. The first thing is to keep in mind that whether it is an indoor or outdoor shoot. 
Let us see some simple outdoor tricks of capturing great shots rather than investing bucks on expensive cameras or blaming the cameras for the shots.

You'll love your photographs after you learn these tips and start to capture shots

Use your common sense. Look your surroundings for ample sunlight. Do not take photos when the sun is behind the object.  Watch to see whether the lighting is sufficient for shooting. In case where the light is not sufficient use your camera’s flash to fill the shadows.

This term means how you are positioning your objects .Here the question is comes, that why you are taking the photograph. Sometimes you like a moment and just want to capture the spontaneity out of it. You do not pay attention to the detail that whether to take close focus, blurred background, portrait or anything else. The moment is important not the composition.  
However, sometimes you cannot really tell that whether a collection of photographs are of the same instance or different instances. That’s the magic of photography.  Great photography can drive you to conclude that all the photographs are entirely different from each other, while all of them are clicked in the same location, same time and at same instances.  

The right alignment, the context, and the surroundings of your frame, all are important.

Right Mode
The decision is yours. It is up to you to decide that whether you want your camera to take decision for you or you want to set your mode the right way. There are several screen modes to choose from.

White balance: 
By adjusting the white balance, you can get better looking photos.  In Some point and shoot cameras, you have to adjust to the white balance, while few DSLR are already equipped with white balance feature to automatically adjust the  white balance depending upon the color of light in which you are shooting.

Grab the camera and start shooting for yourself.  Start with outdoor shooting.  That will be the easiest and inexpensive way of learning. Change and note down the settings, catch as much shots as you can. Then see the difference.   You will be learning when you compare your images clicked by varying your camera features and settings.
For example, you can experiment with your aperture and the focus. It you want your photo to be more focused around your model/object then you should set your aperture like that.
If you want your object to interact with your surrounding as well, you have to take a wide and broad view of things. 
Slowly you will be also paying attention to see how your surroundings are playing with your objects also. Also you can decide whether you want your environment to complement or contrast your object.

Shoot in a RAW format:

You can shoot in a RAW format, so that if the exposure of your object and/or background is not right, you have option to recover.

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