Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How you will save your priceless photographs from disaster

Have you ever thought of preservation and safety of your personal and family photograph?? We never think of the worst but are we sure that Mother Nature will never be harsh on those priceless photographs. How will they survive natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and fires?
If some worst happens like fire, storms, earth quake, then will you be able to recreate those moments twice. The moments once lost will be lost forever.
When question arises of preserving and backing up of photographs, we think that it is the task of a professional photographer. Perhaps some of us think complacently that such things are not needed as such tragedy may not happen with us.
But professional photographers are not the only ones who suffer and need as backup strategy. What will happen to the family and personal photos which are stored on your hard drive?
You may have insurance for your home, your vehicle, your family members etc but there is no insurance for photos which are in physical form. You may have kept it in albums, photo frames, pasted in your scrapbook, etc.
The best way is to digitize it and keep it away from your home. These days’ modern photographers have digital photo albums that they share on social media.  There are many sites which provide facilities to organize and store your photo safely. People are also sharing there photographs on their mobiles, laptops, etc .
If the photographs are a physical form, then you may scan and upload it in your system. However sometimes, it becomes very difficult to scan every photograph and upload it. For that reason you may require some service
Many people store there images on computers. With time, they get piled up and at the end of the day you find there are thousands of photographs kept in your computers/laptops. The computers are machines and every machine has a lifetime. They get wearied down every day and one day they just stop working making you realize that you have thousands of precious photos at stake.
Use a Digital camera
You can easily create digital copies of your photos. Whenever you are developing a photograph,  apart from keeping it in external storage devices, you can try to keep important photograph on your social media profile on the internet.
Scan and keep a copy of your photos.
You can scan and keep the copies of photos elsewhere, away from your home. If you have numerous of photographs to digitize, then you can hire a service to do it.
You can buy a scanner and a photo editing software, if you want to scan, organize and format your own photographs as you like.
Diversify your photos on various locations.
Keep a couple of SD cards, and keep a copy of your photographs. Do not keep them at same places.  There are some online services also available which will upload your photos online for a low monthly fee.
Regularly do a maintenance checkup on your photo collection
·         Make a habit of Deleting unnecessary, bad  photographs
·         Avoid keeping duplicate photos on same location
·         Organizing and keeping photographs folder wise and categorically.
·         Occasionally reevaluate your photo collection.

Last but not least, do not panic. Rely on a  photo recovery tool
Use of professional camera recovery software can recover lost photos, but can also recover audios, videos, and other multimedia files. The simple, intuitive user interface of these tools enables its users to perform a foolproof recovery of his digital files by themselves. Most of the tools are available separately for Mac and Windows users, so the users need not to worry about the Operating System used on their computer.

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