Saturday, November 8, 2014

Child Went Missing! Unusual Story of How Recovery software saves the family.

Karen, Olivia and Kim were an apparently happy family settled in downtown, Dallas Texas. Karen, a very passionate photographer loves to shoot day and night and can almost bring life to every piece of object clicked through his hands. They were a small family and Olivia his wife is a home maker by choice and loved spending her time in the house doing the entire household chore and taking care of her kitchen perfectly, upbringing and spending time with her 3 year old daughter Kim, cooking delicious food for the family, and gardening her small backyard which she loved.
Olivia had reasons for that. Karen and Olivia hardly spent time together and since Karen had critical outdoor project shoots to handle and also provide for the house, Olivia silently grieved and wished for his time and attention for the family, especially for their daughter Kim.
There were countless times when Karen did not turned up on time for their promised evening getaway, or a holiday break, or parents meeting at school or even their 8th wedding anniversary!
Karen and Olivia after a lot of counseling from a family friend happily decided to spend their next week in a 5 days holiday trip. Karen also promised to buy Olivia a new cell phone as gift when her cell phone got dropped on the floor and stopped functioning.

The Location was exquisite………the rooms decorated perfectly and the restaurant had the perfect ambience. For Olivia it was a long cherished dream. She didn’t even remember when the last time they had such a holiday break.
Olivia was sitting in the lawn and was lost in the thoughts of their fading marriage and mending their bond. Karen promised to return after a one hour teleconferencing. They had hardly noticed Kim from last 30 minutes. She was busy playing in the lawn with friends. Olivia suddenly broke from her thoughts and looked for Kim but she wasn’t there. Kim…….Kim……Kim…..the voice went unheard leaving Olivia heartbroken, shattered and exhausted after 3 hours of long search.
Karen without blaming Olivia realized the situation and Olivia’s mental state. Karen being a professional photographer was always organized and had a good knowledge of latest technology trends and data recovery techniques. He recovered few pictures of their daughter from Olivia’s cell phone through recovery software. He circulated the hardcopy as well as the softcopy of Kim’s pictures wherever possible.
After 5 days, her daughter was found in a charity home and they told that some good soul had found her roaming and brought her here.
The incident was a learning experience. Karen learnt to be more attentive and caring towards family sentiments.
Later on Olivia and Karen narrated the story to their friends and relatives that how the recovery software helped them to recover their kid’s pictures from the phone’s memory card and trace her whereabouts quickly.
Now the question is who do you think is responsible for the incidence? Do you think, Olivia being aware of her father’s absence should have shown more responsibility and alertness while being on such a unknown place and should not have left her daughter alone.
Or Karen could be there all around them as they were on a holiday break and also being compassionate of her wife’s requisite of togetherness and understanding?

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