Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Recover Photos From Kodak Pixpro after facing error “Memory Card requires formatting” or “Memory Card Error”

Many of us face situations when we face some error message in our digital camera. The kind of error message may vary depending upon the kind of error. Just take for an example our Kodak Camera Pixpro  is throwing an error message memory card error”. After that you are unable to access any of its files.

Kodak Pixpro is a leading micro four third system . On 2014, JK Imaging Ltd., which currently hold the Kodak brand, released its first Micro Four Thirds camera, the Kotak Pixpro S1.. The Kodak Pixpro S-1 is a rangefinder-styled digital mirrorless camera announced on January 7, 2014

Kodak is one of the popular brands in the field of cameras. Even before the emergence of digital camera, Kodak was best for manufacturing cheap and best film cameras. All the files in digital cameras are stored in SD card.  But sometimes improper handling or accidental deletion can cause data loss from digital camera.

Reasons for facing error message “memory card error “or “memory card requires formatting”

      ·        Memory card is locked unintentionally
·        Memory card corruption due to improper shut down or read/write operation
·        Over usage or exceeding the memory card limit beyond its capacity
·        Improper removal of memory card while camera in in between read/write operation
·        Power failure, surges and fluctuations
·        Memory card is improperly formatted
·        Virus infection and malware

To recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos, videos, or other multimedia files from your digital camera, you can use a SD card recovery software. The software use strong scanning algorithms. There are various software available on-line available in both free and paid version. However, free software may lack few features. It is advisable to use efficient and reliable SD card recovery software.

Consider a case wherein you are using Kodak Pixpro S-1 digital camera. While accessing pictures from it's memory card, you encountered the following error:

““memory card requires formatting””

Hence, this error is prompting you to access your pictures in your digital camera.

Cause: The possible causes of encountering may be due to any of the above reasons


To fix the above error message, following solution steps are preferred:

  • Format the card.
  • Replace the card
  • If memory card is corrupt, then reformat it.

If you have a backup of the files then reformatting will erase the data and the memory card can be used further. But in case you do not have a backup, then it is best advisable to rely on a aSD card recovery software.

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