Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7 silly mistakes which may corrupt your Kodak Easy Share C195 card

Camera memory cards are used as a storage device for storing multimedia files, such as pictures and videos.  It is widely used to expand the storage capacity in digital cameras as these devices have limited internal memory capacity for storing data.
People widely use memory cards as their photo repository. Kodak Easy Share C195 use SD card of varied sizes and capacity depending upon the usage.  Due to rising usage of SD cards, the chances of data loss are also rising. But nowadays, there’s no need of any fright as chance of recovery is ALMOST 100%.
 However it is advisable to keep a backup of all the important files and pictures on at least two separate safe location so that if the data is lost from memory card, you can recover it back easily from the backup. In case you have not kept a backup, then opt for memory card recovery software to recover photos back. Failing to do that drags you into the devastating situation of photo loss that occurs due to various reasons. These reasons may range from accidental deletion, unplanned formatting of SD card to corruption of the card. Read More about Recovery Software

The reasons for memory card corruption are mainly human errors. However, a little awareness can save everyone from such scenarios.
Avoid following 7 things which may corrupt your Kodak Easy Share C195 card
  1. Memory card is removed improperly (without proper ejection procedure) and showing error messages.
  2. Same memory card is repetitively used on different devices causing damage to the card. Sometimes memory card is accidentally formatted die to accidentally pressing the format option.
  3. Improper removal of Memory card and use of the same Memory card on different electronic gadgets frequently can damage the file system of Memory card. On such situation, memory card might display the error like “format error” or “card not formatted error”, etc. To access files on Memory car, you need to format it. But formatting Memory card will throw you at the end of data loss.
  4. Interruption during read/write process due to sudden power failure, virus attack, improper shutdown, abrupt removal of memory card while the photos are being transferred to or from memory card
  5. Use of memory card even after memory card gives “card full” message. Memory cards that are too full may cause to overwrite the header
  6. Recklessly taking and deleting picture without giving the camera the time to read/write the pictures may cause card corruption
  7. Clicking pictures in low battery.

These 7 mistakes may result into the following Camera Error messages:
  1. “Memory card is unusable”

  1. “Write Error”

  1. “The card cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change card or format card with camera”

  1. “Card not initialized”

  1. “The card cannot be used”

Above error messages are not easy to repair until you are not using any efficient photo recovery software for SD cards which is generally available online. 

Note: The professional photo recovery software may cost you something. Please be careful while purchasing any paid software and try to keep in mind that software should be genuine and having good brand behind it. I advise not to use free software which may further damage your card/computer and leave your card beyond recovery. 

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