Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lost Your Photos and Videos from Sony Xperia Z3 Smarphone? Get Them Back Now

Sony is a big competitor for all the smartphone manufacturing companies available in the market. Its range of Xperia is currently one of the most popular mobile phone series. People use to wait for every new release of Sony Xperia and nowadays the most recent and upcoming Sony phone is Xperia Z3, users are waiting for. Most of us buy choose a latest phone by camera quality, which has always been a specialty of all Sony range of smartphones. People use to capture hundreds of pictures, record videos, surf the Internet, play games, and listen to music, etc. from their Sony Xperia Z3 to make their every moment special. However, while organizing or managing the images on the phone it is very often that you may lose your photos, no matter how careful you were during the process.

There could be various causes behind your photo loss from Sony Xperia Z3 such as Accidental deletion, formatted SD card or internal storage, rooted the phone, etc. if you have lost your photos because of any reason and looking for a reliable solution to recover deleted photos on android phones so download and install  a Photo Recovery software tool which recovers your complete photos and other media files from the latest Sony Xperia Z3.

Most Often Causes of Data Loss in Xperia Smart phones

Accidental deletion: 

This is the most frequent mistake that people usually do in their Smartphones. This deletion leads to photo loss in the Xperia Z3. Mostly when the user wishes to free some space in their Xperia and accidentally deletes some important picture or videos as well. Suppose you want to remove some junk and useless images from your phone or its memory card and with the selection of junk image folders you have selected some other important folders also and end up with deletion of all of them. It would be a shock for you which will surely make you frustrated and start to look for a proper solution to retrieve deleted pictures on phone.

Formatted Memory Card: 

When the memory card is accidentally formatted without a proper backup, there occurs an interruption at the time of data transfer from Xperia Z3 to computer or other devices, leading to picture loss in Sony Smartphone. Suppose if you have connected your Xperia Z3 with your system and selected external memory card. The system asks you to format your memory card, and you just clicked 'Yes' unknowingly, and a message of the successful formatted memory card appears. Of course it would be a very irritating situation for you, as your complete data from your high storage capacity memory card is lost.    

Deletion of pictures by a third party software: 

This is also a very odd situation as it is not in your hand and you will not be completely aware about it. If you have connected your Sony Xperia Z3 to computer to transfer pictures from mobile to your system and any anti-virus is running on your system at that time then the chances of data loss in Sony Xperia Z3 becomes high which can create a tensed situation for you. However, there are easy ways available by which you can now recover deleted photos on android phones.

Other Causes of Data loss in Sony Xperia Z3.

There could be much weird situation, which may results data loss such as memory card corruption because of any interruption during data transfer, improper handling of devices and memory card, etc. Some of such other data loss reasons are:

  1.  Android OS application failure or malfunction results image file loss saved on Sony   Smartphone.
  2.  Incorrect removal of memory card from the system as well as the Sony Xperia Z3  Smartphone during read or write process may lead to photo loss.
  3.  Accidental deletion of photos at the time by previewing or erasing unwanted files  from Sony  Xperia Z3 Smartphone memory.
  4.  Set Sony Z Smartphone on restore mode without keeping a backup of files as well  as folders saved. It will erase complete data of the phone memory and restore to  initial factory settings.

There are widely used tools available which has been appreciated by experts for their excellent performance and accuracy. These tools can easily recover all the lost picture of the complete available and upcoming range of Sony Xperia Smartphone. You can easily get all your lost data from these tools as they as highly efficient and reliable. These tools have the ability to recover SMS, contacts, text messages, deleted, lost and corrupt photos, music, videos, and call history, etc. files from Sony Xperia Android Smartphone.  Additionally these tools also support other cell phones, flash drives, memory cards, digital cameras, etc.   

These tools are designed and developed with highly efficient as well as an intelligent scanning mechanism that allows scanning of all the lost files and recover all the photos, audio, video file formats from different types of flash memory card at the earliest. These tools support almost all types of memory card such as SDXC, SDHC, MMC, SD as well as Memory Stick. These tools are not only designed to recover data from Sony Xperia Z3 but also support data recovery from various Android based Smartphones as well as other storage devices such as Samsung Galaxy s2, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab, with ease. These tools have the capability to recover all types of image, music, and video files.

Tips to Secure Your Sony Xperia Z3 from Data Loss

·     Avoid disconnecting your phone directly from the system without using safely                    remove option
·       Scan your system from a good anti-virus regularly
·       Set your phone one auto sync mode for the regular online backup of your pictures
·      Avoid updating the Android OS of your Sony Xperia Z3 without taking complete backup of your important image files.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to recover your lost and deleted AVI files from your MAC machine

"One fine morning I decided to empty some of my unused unwanted files on my Mac. Considering this I emptied and sent few videos to trash. Suddenly I realized that few important videos are also sent to trash. To add to my dismay I had also deleted them from trash. I was not sure how to get them back which are deleted from trash." 

Now coming to the transfer process, these AVI files can easily be used for sharing on different computers via SD card.  Here we present some of the situation which may cause data loss while working on a MAC machine.

Reasons for data loss.

  •    By Enabling auto trash option,  files present in Trash Bin are automatically emptied every time    you log on to your Mac system.
  •   If you accidentally or intentionally empty your Trash then the files located in Trash gets  permanently deleted from your Mac and you can never recover them.
  •   You may trash and accidentally you delete few files without paying much intention while deleting  some unneeded ones.
  •  Making use of Shift + Command + Delete keys will delete files from Trash 

Reliable Video Recovery software is used to retrieve deleted video files from Trash. It uses safe and exclusive technique to scan Mac hard drive and recovers lost, deleted, corrupt or damaged video files from Trash. With the utilization of this software, not only AVI files, but other files such as photos, videos and documents can be recovered from Mac hard drive and external storage drives on Mac OS X.

Procedure to Retrieve AVI video files:

  1.       If your data is lost from any external hard drive then connect your external hard drive to your     Mac  machine.
  2.     Download and install Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery application to your Mac machine
  3.      Now Install the software and follow the instructions
  4.     Select the Drive from which you want to recover videos and go to the next step
  5.      Now press Scan Now
  6.     The software starts the scanning process and displays all lost AVI files in a tree structure           directory.
  7.     You can preview and recover your selected videos
  8.     After choosing your selected files , you can save the recovered files to your desired   destination 


It is recommended that while recovery procedure both the source drive and the saved files destination drive to be kept separately. This precaution is taken to make sure that the files are not overwritten since recovery from overwritten data is extremely difficult in MAC.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What to look out for while recuperating lost or deleted photos from Micro SD Card?

With the boost in the popularity of digital technology, the risk of data loss is also increasing, once it takes place, the user has to suffer a lot. Digital data could be anything, professional or personal, but the storage media is not much different. The portable devices are one of the most common modes to store digital data; however, these devices use Micro SD cards to store photos videos and other data. After loss, it is essential to choose a reliable way of photo recovery from Micro SD card.

Micro SD card is a kind of external flash memory card, which is used to store digital information and usually used in Nintendo DS flash cards, portable media players, handheld GPS devices, expandable USB flash drives, digital cameras, and digital audio players. Initially, MicroSD cards were not offering much storage, but by the time they improved, the capacity with the maintenance of smaller size. Nowadays, the common size of a MicroSD card is (15x11x1) mm and storage capacity is from 28MB to 64GB. You can store a vast data in such tiny card and it is also supports a fast and reliable data transmission.

Photo loss is a very common issue with a MicroSD card, and it also does not consist with any kind of deleted photo storage section like Recycle bin on the computer. Therefore, if you have deleted photos intentionally or unintentionally from the MicroSD card, it will be a permanent delete and your complete data will be lost. However, there is also a proper way available to recover photos from MicroSD card, and that is recovery software.

When you delete or format the memory card, the hard drive only marks that place empty in the directory, but the data is still present in it. When you store any other photo or media file in the formatted card, the data gets overwritten on the present memory sector. So, you must take care that you will not store any data before recovery, if you want to recover it. For recovery, download and install Stellar Phoenix SD Card Recovery software  in your Windows PC and follow the below mentioned steps to retrieve your complete photos videos and other stored data in your MicroSD card.

Possible Causes of Photo Loss in MicroSD Card

There could be several reasons of photo loss and here we are going to discuss the most common causes.

Accidentally formatted Memory Card: 

Most of the times, people ignore the messages appearing at the time of MicroSD card connection and click on format option without checking. This is a very common reason of data loss. To avoid such issues, always read all the instruction and messages at the time of the MicroSD card run, weather it is inserted in the phone or computer.

Virus or Malware Infection: 

Viruses are the most common and dangerous programs that have the capability to delete photos or any data. If any virus program is executed, in the MicroSD card, the result is inaccessible photos or loss of photos. To avoid this, always check your computer weather it is infected with a virus or not and always scan it before you use the data in it.

Loss during Data Transfer:

Mostly, at the time of data transfer, if any kind of interruption occurs, it leads to the loss of the photos stored in the MicroSD. You must take care of things, which are in your hand to avoid such loss. Make sure any interruption do not happen at the time of data transfer. Do not pull out the memory card when the device is on. Eject SD card with the proper steps from computer after use.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Here's 5 Best Photo Recovery Software in 2015 for you to ease your decisions!

Photos are one of the most precious forms of our best moments. We store our images and other media files on our system so that we can find them easily whenever we need. However, at times, you may lose your files due to any factor, such as accidental deletion of some photos, error in the drive while transferring data, storage drive corruption, formatted drive, etc. All of these issues lead you to data loss for some files of the entire partition.

If you have also faced the similar issue do not panic. There are ways from where you can still recover your complete lost data from the disk. You just need to install a recovery tool and you will be able to recover all of them. There are many tools available which you can try to recover your lost media file or image files.

Best 5 Photo Recovery Software to Retrieve Your Lost Images:

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (Paid)

Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery is a powerful tool that is capable to recover lost photos along with many other media files. This tool support various file formats as well as storage devices such as hard drives, optical disks, flash disks and built-in digital camera storage. It provides various scanning options to all of its users according to different situations.  You can preview the lost photos before your recovery. It is one of the most easy photo recovery software and provides a very interactive user interface so that user can communicate with the tool more easily. This tool is considered one of the best photo recovery software available for photo recovery. 
Stellar Photo Recovery is a really fast program it will not take more than half an hour to scan a 16 gigabyte USB flash drive completely. It also provides you the option to choose the file type extension for the files you want to recover, it will reduce your scanning time.

Main Features of the Software:

·         Support a wide range of multimedia files such as images, videos, audio
·     Provides recovery from all types of media devices such as flash drives, hard disks and digital    cameras.
·         Allows you to view all recoverable image files before initiating recovery process
      ·         Available for Both Mac and Windows operating systems 

Picture Rescue 2 PhotoRecovery Software (Paid)

This software allows you to recover lost photos as well as other media files with ease. It can provide photo recovery on various numbers of causes such as accidental deletion, reformatting or media corruption. It supports a wide range of media files including camera media files, mobile supported files, etc. This is one of the best photo recovery software that recovers all the lost photos from inaccessible storage media. This efficient tool is very easy to use and user do not have to be technically strong to use it.

Main Features of the Software:
·         It supports recovery of Lost and Accidentally Deleted Photos
·         Can recovers data Using Non-Destructive Reading
·         Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
·         Supports data recovery from a wide range of Digital Camera Media Types
     ·         Available for both PC as well as Mac

PhotoRec (Free)

PhotoRec is an exclusive product for photo recovery, which is compatible with Windows OS, OS X, DOS and DOS. This tool is a good competition for similar photo recovery software. It comes among one of the most popular free available tools for photo recovery. Its interface looks like a DOS-screen, so people who are not familiar with such screen may face issues to use it. However, it is best free available photo recovery program for computer skilled users.  

Main Features of the Tool:

·    This powerful photo recovery application is compatible with almost all the popular operating  systems, such as Windows OS, OS X, DOS and DOS
·         It supports recovery of over 20 file formats
·      It supports recovery of a deleted partition. This feature is available in very less photo recovery    programs in the market.  

This powerful photo recovery utility recovers photo, videos, and audios from digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives and hard disks. This efficient utility supports all popular file types for audio video and photos. This is a single solution to recover entire lost data in a single piece. Its scanning process searches all the lost files back to the system, you can configure this feature to reduce the scanning time.

Main Features of the Photo Recovery Tool

·         This tool support recovery of a wide range of image formats and some audio and video files.
·         Very less scanning time
·         less expensive

PC Inspector File Recovery(Free)

PC Inspector is an absolutely free photo recovery application. Its recovery process initiates from logical and physical drive so the users must be technically sound to use it properly. It scans all the images from the selected drives and recover them quickly. Its scanning process is quite fast so it will scan your complete drive in minimum time, however, this tool cannot scan corrupt storage media.

Common Features of the Software:

·      It support recovery of deleted images from both logical and physical hard drives;
·      It supports recovery of photos without header entry
·      It scan the the partitions automatically and find them even after erased or damaged boot sector or FAT
·      Provides file recovery with the original time and date stamp

Let us Compare Photo Recovery Software features

Name ->
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Picture Rescue 2 Photo Recovery Software

PC Inspector File Recovery

EaseUs Photo Recovery


Multimedia File Type Support
65 file types including images, Audis and Video files
JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF files
Image, audio and video files of various popular formats.
20 file types including images, Audis and Video files
Image, audio and video files of various popular formats.
RAW image recovery
Installation time
Less than 20 sec
Less than 30 sec
Less than 20 sec
Less than 20 sec
Less than 20 sec

3.3 MB
34 KB
File preview
Supported Devices
flash drives, hard disks and digital cameras, Optical media support
USB storage devices, Smart Media,major digital camera manufacturers, Optical media support
both logical and physical hard drives
Deleted partitions
digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives and hard disks.
Demo Versions Available
Windows Support
Mac Support

Price for single license
Licensing options
Single user
Single user
Single user
Single user
Single user


    All the above mentioned tools are good and you can use any of them to recover your lost photos. However, as free tools have some limitations, so they cannot  support all the photos loss cases. Therefore, you may use a paid photo recovery tool when the loss is quite deep and you need complete photo recovery.  All of the above software are tried and tested and that is the reason Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is kept in No.1 on our list!!