Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Restore Photos from Mac

Mac operating system spreading its popularity over the world. People are now using more mac systems than windows. Mac provides much better security than any windows operating system which is one of the strong point of mac over windows systems. Windows program can be run on mac systems after installing windows on mac systems. The mac systems have more life span than any windows system.

Mac operating system is very much less prone to errors. But data loss is not in our control. Reasons of the data loss are:

  1. Accidental deletion or formatting of data from hard drive.
  2. Due to abnormal system shutdown.
  3. Virus attacked from internet.
  4. Physical damage to hard disk.

If you are encountering any of the above data loss problems in your life then you can use any Mac photo recovery software. Stellar phoenix Mac photo recovery can recover your lost photos from mac system. It supports almost all file formats.

All major photo formats:

Popular camera brands:
Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Pentax, Canon, Olympus, Minolta, Kodak, Mamiya, Panasonic, Epson and Fuji

Supports Digital Media :
Memory Cards, CDs, Flash Cards, Digital Cameras, any Mac operating system based hard drives, Mini Disks, USB Storage Devices, Zip Disks and DVDs

It is very easy to use and efficient in recovery as compared to any other photo recovery software. You have to follow few steps and you can recover your lost photos.

1. Search for stellar phoenix photo recovery software on internet and download the free version on your PC or laptop.
2. Open stellar phoenix photo recovery.
3. Select media from where you want to recover and click start scan.
4. Preview all lost photos.
5. Now select the location where the recovered files should be saved then click  OK.

Easy process to recover Photos from Sony Cybershot TX5

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5 digital camera is a stylish and slim digital camera with full features that fulfils the need of a common camera user. It is a water-proof camera, perfect to use in rainy season. It is a 10.2 mega-pixels Resolution Camera with 4x optical zoom lens, LCD viewfinder, 3” LCD Screen and supports all the popular memory card (MS Duo / MS PRO Duo / SD / SDHC).

The above cards are much secured to stored digital information in it and carry from one place to another. They are very small in size and can store vast amounts of digital files. Generally, it is very secured and safe to save digital information but even a small error in it may trouble you to face major loss of data.

It is always advised to have back-up on frequent basis. But generally, users do not take back-up. It is very difficult to overcome data loss situation in absence of clean back-up. However, with the use advanced and read-only Photo Recovery Software, it is easy to recover the digital files like photos, audios, videos and movie clips.

Suppose: You are a Professional Photographer. You have been appointed to capture stunning photos in wedding. You are busy capturing wedding pictures but suddenly it displays an error message on camera screen:

Card Error”

After this, it switches off itself. When you restart it, the same error is shown on camera screen.

The above error indicates that there is something wrong with the card of Sony Cybershot TX5. You need to format it to get rid of the above error instantly.

Formatting of Card will remove all the previous stored photos and videos as well. So if you have clean back-up then restore it post formatting of card.

In absence of Back-up of files, you must use a Photo Recovery tool. Because they are powerful enough to recover digital files like photos, videos and audios from corrupted storage media. Stellar Photo Recovery Software is one of the most advanced and read-only Photo Recovery utilities that can recover Photos, audios and videos from many storage media(Memory card, Memory stick, hard disk, pen drive, zip drive, Cds, DVDs etc.).

This way you can recover all formats of photos, audios and videos and compatible with both, Mac and Windows Systems.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to recover lost photos, images from Sony Alpha DSLR-A390

The Sony Alpha A-390 is an excellent DSLR Camera model with numbers of features that suits for a Professional and Non-Professional Camera Users. Its features make it a good choice of Beginner Photographers.

I am sharing some important features of Sony Alpha DSLR-A390 such as follows:

14.2 MP CCD Sensor Camera, CCD (APS-C size) sensor type, quick AF (Auto Focus) optical/LCD viewfinder, 2.7 inch of LCD Screen and supporting of MS Duo / MS PRO Duo / SD / SDHC.
These memory cards are good to store digital images. Although, they are very safe but when it is corrupted due to any reasons, it creates a major data loss situation. So it is advised to take back up on daily basis. An image Recovery Software is available on Internet to assist you, when you have not taken backup or the backup file got corrupted.

The Corruption of card does not allow you to access your images. The logical corruption and photo loss scenario may be different and the error will vary upon reason of corruption. One such error message is as given below:

“Card is not formatted”

The above error message may appear on compact flash cards, SD cards, and more.

There are various reasons of corruption of a card like improper handling of the card, turning the camera off when the writing or read process is going on, virus infection, ejecting the card without turning the digital camera off, taking out memory card from camera when the read/write is in process, capturing photos when the battery is too low, etc.


You should follow the following steps in the case of memory card corruption:

1. Take out the corrupted card from camera and do not overwrite your stored images.
2. Search Image Recovery Software on Internet.
3. Download a read-only and robust Recovery Software. Install it on Computer.
4. Insert the memory card in Card Reader, attach it with computer and Run the Image Recovery Software.
5. Specify the drive of memory card
6. Access the lost photos using the software.
7. After Scanning, it will preview the list of the files that are recoverable. Recover the files that you want to recover and store at the desired location.

You can try a very powerful Image Recovery tool such as
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery recovers all cases of card corruption and Image loss. The software recovers lost photos, music files, and videos from all types of cards including SD Card, MMC Card, XD Card, and Compact Flash. It is available for windows and Mac users.

Important Recovery Tips to Recover videos from Pentax K-5

Pentax K-5 is a 16.3 MP DSLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD, 80-12800 ISO range with improved noise performance, 7.0 fps (40 frames) shooting speed, dust removal mechanism, Long battery life, User-friendly Hyper control system, 11-point AF System, Compatibility with SDXC memory card. The only drawback is that it is available only in black body.
Though, SDXC memory card can store countless number of videos, they can render photos inaccessible on many occasions due to various reasons like file virus attacks, interruption in read/write errors and system damage. So, it is always good to keep up-to-date backup so that it can compensate data loss. If somehow a backup becomes corrupt or unavailable, a user can blindly trust video recovery software to recover lost photos.

Take a Scenario where you are too busy shooting the scene of beautiful landscaping. But when you try to see those videos you face such error on Camera Screen:
"Memory Card Error"
The above error will render the previously saved photos inaccessible and you could not click and save new photos from your Pentax K-5.

Cause of this Error:
The above error indicates that there is something wrong with SDXC memory card of Pentax K-5. It is either not formatted or it has got corrupted.

Resolution from this Error:
There can be following steps to overcome above error:
  • Insert the SDXC memory card in Card reader, attach with computer and try to access all the files.
  • If it does not help then there is no way except formatting the memory card. Format it in Camera only.

Since formatting erases all the videos stored on the SDXC card, it is suggested that a user should use video recovery software immediately. There are many third-party video recovery utility are available on Internet. That can be easily downloaded. Choose good video recovery software.
To recover photos from multiple camera brands (Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Pentax, Sony etc) in almost all data loss situations you can try Stellar Phoenix Video Recovery Software and it is excellent software. The video recovery software, which has a simple graphical user interface, recovers all photo formats including JPEG, RAW, Exif, Tif, PNG etc.

Tips to recover Photos from corrupted SDXC card

SDXC stands for SecureDigital – eXtended Capacity. It can store 32GB to 2TB of digital files like photos, videos, audios etc. SDXC card is more popular in electronics market for storing high-definition photos and other multimedia files. It is generally used in cameras, camcorders, mobile phones and many other electronics devices.

Every users likes to use a card which can store huge numbers of digital files. They even forget to take back-up of it frequently. In this case, any error or corruption in SDXC card arise a big problem of loss of digital files in front of them. If there is no back-up file available then fighting with the data loss situation is a little bit more difficult. In this case, the use of Photo Recovery Software is must.

Reasons of Corruption of SDXC memory Card:

There are various reasons of corruption of SDXC card. The common reason of corruption of memory card is as below:

  • Interruption in Read/Write Operations
  • Taking the card out from camera when a file is being written on it
  • Taking the card out from card when a file is being transferred via computer
  • virus infection
  • Switching off the camera when a file is being written on card
  • Conking of Battery while snapping the photograph
  • Snapping photos when memory card is full etc

Tips to recover Photos from corrupted SDXC card:

Stop using the camera immediately when you see any error message on camera screen. Take the card out from camera safely and insert it other camera in order to check whether it is corrupted or not. If you get the same error message in other camera also then attach with a computer via card reader and try to access the files. If you are unable to access the files, there is only one way to format the card in camera itself and use an advanced and read-only Photo Recovery utility.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is one of the best comprehensive and read-only photo recovery tool, recovers lost or deleted photos, audios and videos from corrupted or formatted storage media (pen drive, memory sticks, memory cards, hard disks, floppy disk, zip drive, Cds, DVDs etc.). It is capable enough to recover each and every format of images, audios and videos. The two versions of it, Mac and Windows, are available on Internet that can be download from its site.

Photo Recovery from Fujifilm FinePix F30

Fujifilm FinePix F30 is worthy successor of Fujifilm FinePix F10. It features: 6.3 million pixels, 3.0x optical zoom, Up to 6.2x Digital Zoom, Long-life battery (up to 580 shots), 2.5" TFT, 10 / 2 secs Self timer etc. Fuji Finepix F30 accepts XD-Picture Card - M Type cards upto 2GB.

XD-Picture Card is Compact, durable and secured for storing Digital data. But on many occasions, XD-Picture card also gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible.

Take a Scenario: You are transferring photos from your Camera to Computer and suddenly it shows following message:

Card Error”

In such situation, you are unable to access your photos. Moreover, you can not capture new photos.


The above error indicates that there is something wrong with the XD-Picture card of your Fujifilm FinePix F30 Camera. There are various reasons of corruption of  XD-Picture card. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Switching off the camera when a read/write operation is in process
  • Capturing the Photos while the battery is too low
  • virus Infection
  • Mishandling of the Card.


Insert the memory card in card reader and try to access the photos. If you are able to access the stored photos then take a backup ASAP and format the memory card. But if the content is still inaccessible then format the memory card in camera itself.

Formatting the XD card will surely resolve the issue and allow you to click and save new photos. But, formatting will erase the previously taken photos. So, to recover your lost photos do not format the Card and search for advanced photo recovery software.
A Photo recovery tool comes handy when one has lost or accidentally deleted data from memory card. These applications are read-only and non-destructive in nature, easy to use and powerful enough to recover data from formatted memory card, hard disk, flash drive, memory stick, USB drive etc. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use software which supports recovery from multiple memory cards such as SD, MMC, SDHC, XD etc. The Photo recovery tool has two different versions for both Windows and Mac users.