Thursday, August 14, 2014

Precautions And Recovery After Digital Photo Loss

Digital camera has given you the facility to view your favorite photos or video soon after capturing them. To get the hard copy of those photos, connect your camera to your computer, transfer them and get it printed. Different from traditional film camera, you are not restricted to click only certain number of pictures; the memory card of digital camera provides you facility to click hundreds or even thousands of photos. With all these advantages, proper handling of digital camera is always required because single delete button can vanish all the pictures stored on it.  Hence, it is always recommended to have a regular backup of all the data so that neither formatting nor accidental deletion can create situation of data loss. However you can use third-party recovery software that helps you to to overcome from any situation of data loss. Through their powerful scanning mechanism, it  can recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos, music, and video files.

Case #1                                         
I have a small naughty baby boy and he wants every single thing which his dad uses. My husband is fond of clicking pictures. At the same time my kid wants the camera and usually deletes some of those pictures. As we both are working, taking backups of pictures stored on the digital camera is not always possible. One fine day when my husband was searching about something over Internet, he found that digital photo recovery is possible through dependable third-party recovery software. He shouted with joy and told me all about that and gave me some general precautions which should be taken after accidental deletion or loss of digital photos. Those precautions are:

  • Stop using the memory or SD card after deletion.
  • Never use de-fragmentation or similar disk utility.
  • Do not install the recovery software on the affected medium
  • Use strong and authentic recovery software

The software which we have purchased is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. One of its remarkable feature that attracted us most is 'Resume Recovery', which we can use to stop and start scanning whenever we want and continue it later exactly where we had left it off. Hence, when we are busy and not have enough time to spend on recovering deleted or lost images, we prefer using 'resume recovery' feature and save the scan result for later recovery. The software not only supports recovery from digital camera but also from CD-ROM drive, Floppy drive, USB drive etc. and is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows Operating System.  

Case #2

Once I wanted to transfer photos from my digital camera to my Windows 7 based PC and encountered the following error:

“Card not initialized”

After that, I became unable to access any of the images of my digital camera. Later on I came to know about memory card errors which shows up and the reasons behind.


Some possible reasons of the above error are:

·         The memory card is pulled out during read/write process or previous data transfer.

·         The camera is switched off while read/write process was going on.

·         When someone keeps on storing the data in almost full storage media, the file system might get corrupted.


The only resolution to heck out of this situation is to format the memory card of your camera. As formatting will erase all the data, and to restore it, you’ll need a recent backup copy. In the absence of a proper backup, using reliable photo recovery software is recommended.

There are various photo recovery programs which are available online. You need to follow three simple steps 'download, install, and run' to recover from the problem storage media.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is one of the recommended software to recover photos. It has ‘create image’ utility option that enables you to create an image of the entire storage device or only the selected region. This software supports recovery from all popular camera makers including Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Sony, Sam-sung, etc and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT.


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