Wednesday, September 24, 2014

14 Reasons Why I prefer Android Phone Over Apple IOS based IPhone

iOS and Android both have lots of feature in common, but when it comes to comparison between the two, it largely depends on user’s  taste, own personal preference and kind of usage pattern. Apple fans will always prefer the iPhone OS as it blends with other Apple products such as Apple Mac, IPods and I pads.

Android as well as IOS both have touchscreen and come with swiping and tapping mechanism.  iOS screen have app icons while  android home screen uses widgets for instant updates regarding weather, emails , calls, texts, etc.

With android phone, it requires only limited number of actions to respond to notifications. I do not have to go to each and every app individually to close/open/attend them. The notifications appear as pop-up windows rather than taking over the whole screen of the device which makes it easier to tap away insignificant notifications and stay connected with what I was previously doing.

Apple’s iPhone has a bit restricted usage when it comes to using apps.  Although Apple’s recently launched IOS 8 has a lot of upgraded feature compared to previous versions in terms of apps, Android was already providing all these apps from long before.  And the best part is Google’s Android is constantly updating with new features.
With Android, only it takes to download unlimited apps available online and which is suitable for the operating system.  Let me share why i choose Android Smartphone over Apple IOS based Iphone.

1.    Android is compatible and flexible enough to the fact that I can download and run any app I require for performing any specific task.

2.    Apple Users can access apps only through iTunes and the App Store. They cannot access the apps by simply copying and transferring the files to and from the IPhone.

3.    Regarding design, IOS 8 is redesigned. Here android had already scored over it long back. People are finding both designs quite similar to each other.
 4.    With Android, I can do a lot of tasks simultaneously. I can open multiple windows and coordinate with every task smoothly.  iOS has limitations on multitasking (running multiple apps at the same time). In its latest launch iOS 7 and Android 4.4 are similar in design terms.

5.    The extra feature that IOS 8 has delivered is “iCloud”. People can easily store important files on “icloud” and access it from anywhere and from any device. With Android, it’s already known as DropBox, (now called iCloud Drive). These features are for storing, organizing and editing files in an efficient and organized way. If the files are edited, the changes are automatically synchronized and reflected on other devices also.
6.    One of the areas where Apple IOS cannot make pace with android phone is its limited compatibility with non-Apple devices.

7.    In terms of apps or features Android OS wins the bait. Many Android smartphone also comes with physical QWERTY keypad, which the Apple IPhone cannot support. It experiments with different keyboards and also supports predictive typing.

8.    8.Apple IOS has some compatibility issue with Flash. Apple user cannot run apps or features that uses Flash. However there is no such issue with Android. Apple users often can only use or run apps that apple approves. But Android is compatible with any device which wants to access the application.

9.   9. The fact is many features which are now made available for iOS 8 were already available for a while on Android through third-party apps.

10. Android phone users have the ability to try new interfaces and make modifications.

11.    Apple IOS is simple. So those users who want a clean, clear, less complex and smooth    interface, Apple will appeal to them. For more adventurous and ready to explore kind of users, Android is the deal. Android users have the control over the file system. Users can make their own modifications to the phone without hindrance from the developer.

12.  Google Wallet is in Android Phone while Apple has Apple Pay for online payments feature.

13. While Apple’s USP is content sharing, Android’s USP is device sharing.

14: Both Android and Apple IOS have the ability to work with health hardware

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