Monday, August 25, 2014

Lost Photos from the Memory Card of Your Mobile ? – Don’t worry ! Here is the Solution

The availability of digital camera feature in electronic gadgets like mobile phones makes it easy to capture even the tiniest moment of happiness. These advanced mobile phones generally support large capacity memory cards, which enable them to store hundreds of photos together. Therefore, the combination of digital camera and memory card makes it possible to click invaluable images anytime anywhere. However, like any other digital photos, an image file stored on the memory card of these advanced mobile phones too is prone to loss.

A mobile phone user too encounters photo loss due to various reasons. Some of the commonly seen scenarios wherein a mobile phone user loses his precious image files are:

·         Accidental deletion of photos while viewing them in the phone or transferring them from mobile      phone to computer.
·    Unexpected formatting of the memory card of mobile phone due to virus attack or file system corruption.
·    Clicking photos in low battery mode of the mobile phone until the phone dies also corrupts the memory card used in your mobile phone, and hence results in data loss.
·         Many times, users use one memory card in multiple mobile phones. This too can corrupt the card, and hence can cause inaccessibility of all the data stored on it.

Aforementioned are some causes of photo loss from the card of your mobile phone, and there can be many more reasons as well that can result in the loss. However, whatever is the reason; you can easily overcome the loss, if you have backed up your files. But in the unavailability of proper backup, use of a professional photo recovery tool is recommended.

Professional photo recovery software recovers photos irrespective of the reason of loss. The simple, intuitive user interface of such tools ensures that user (whether technical or non-technical) can recover his image files without any hassle. Most of the tools of this category not only support recovery of lost or deleted photos, but they also ensure successful recovery of your lost audios, videos, and other multimedia files. However, the user has to be very careful after encountering the loss.

Precaution to ensure successful recovery:

The user who encountered the loss of photos, videos, or audios should stop using the affected memory card (or the memory card where these multimedia files were saved) until the recovery software performs its job. This is for preventing any overwriting of deleted or lost files, which can occur if you keep on using the memory card that encountered the issue.

If you follow the above precaution and use efficient photo recovery software like, then you can expect successful recovery of your photos lost from the memory card of your mobile phone.    

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