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Methods to Fix BlackBerry Smart Phone Memory Card Corruption Errors

The BlackBerry phone is one of the leading names among various brands of smart phones. Basically, BlackBerry has changes the trend of telephones in a way that your mobile phones are not limited with calling and texting, but they provide you all the things that matter in your personal or professional life. You can capture images with your BlackBerry, watch videos and TV online with it, access to emails and the Internet, and do lot more. Although BlackBerry smart phones have good amount of inbuilt memory to store all your precious data, but they also support extendable memory in the form of external data storage devices like memory cards.
Most of the BlackBerry smart phones use microSD and microSDHC type of memory cards to store all your precious photos, audios, videos, etc. However, at times some BlackBerry users complain that they come across below mentioned error messages on the home screen of their very own smart phone while trying to access data from its memory card:

Blackberry Memory Card Errors

  •      Memory card contains errors, please use a disk checking utility on a computer
  •     Media cannot be accessed due to fatal errors.
  •    A Media Card has been inserted that contains errors. To correct the error        please use a  disk error-checking utility on a computer.
  •   Media card cannot be read. Verify that the memory card is formatted
  •   A media card is not presently inserted in device
  •  History Disabled: Media Card not detected' and 'History Enabled: Media Card  detected
  •  Media Card with an error detected. Repair media card?'

You can try any of the below mentioned resolutions to overcome such errors:
Solution 1: Scan the memory card of your BlackBerry for errors: 
  • Follow below mentioned steps to check your BlackBerry for errors and rectify them.
  • Connect your BlackBerry with your computer and enable its Mass Storage Mode.
  • Go to ‘My Computer’ where a drive as removable drive with name BlackBerry<drive> is shown.
  • Select this BlackBerry drive, right click on it and click ‘properties’ from the drop down.>
  • Click Tools tab and under error checking, click ‘Check Now’.
  • Here select both the options which are ‘Automatically fix file system errors’ and ‘Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors’
  •      Click ‘Start’
If above mentioned method fails to do the needful, then using efficient memory card recovery software can do the needful.

Use professional memory card recovery tool: You Can download professional memory card recovery software from 

Memory card recovery software handles all levels of memory card corruption and recovers your precious photos, audios, videos saved on the memory card of your BlackBerry. However, for successful recovery of your files with any professional recovery software, it is recommended to attach your memory card with card reader to your computer and then start recovery.

Solution 2: Format your card.

Sometimes, you see that the phone is not recognizing the media card, but all the photos, videos and audio files are intact there. In such situation you should pull out your memory card, put in a card reader/adapter and copy all its data to a computer. You can backup and access your data stored in the memory card through  PC.  Reformat your memory card and then reinsert in your phone.

If You Want To Format Memory card on Blackberry Phone

1.     Clock on the options menu
2.     Go to the option Device->Storage->Format (select the media card)
And you’re done.

Solution 3: Repair your media card Before using the repair feature of your phone please keep in mind that few files may get deleted which causes errors from your blackberry memory card

               Go to Options>click on Memory->Repair (follow the instructions) 

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