Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tips to Prevent Memory Card from Data Loss

Losing data from memory card is not uncommon and many of the digital camera users come across such situations; but have you ever thought that why this occurs so frequently? Well, one of the biggest reasons for the same is your haphazard ways of handling your digital camera and its memory card. Therefore, if you follow certain tips, then you can avoid data loss on memory card to great extent. Mentioned below is the list of tips or precautionary measures to avoid data loss from memory card:

Tips to Prevent Memory Card Data Loss:

A common mistake that is done by most of the digital camera users is using one memory card in multiple cameras or other image capturing devices. Using the same card in more than one camera corrupts the file system of the card and makes all the data completely inaccessible. Therefore, if you want to use one memory card with more than one camera, then format the card in that camera and then start using it. Take a backup of your data before formatting the card.
Pulling the card out of the camera without switching the camera off interrupts the ongoing data reading or writing process, and hence corrupts the card. This causes inaccessibility of all the stored data. Whenever you have to take the memory card out of the camera, switch the camera off, wait for few minutes, and then take the card out of the camera.
Clicking photos in low battery mode of the camera until the camera dies also interrupts ongoing read/write process, and hence corrupts the card. Therefore, as soon as you realize that your camera is running low on battery, recharge or replace the batteries, and then restart clicking.
Sometimes rapid clicking also corrupts the camera card and causes inaccessibility of all the photos stored on it. Therefore, it is suggested to be patient and click photos one by one.
Do not fill the camera card to its maximum limit and always try to leave space for few clicks.

By following the above tips and taking all the precautions as mentioned above, you can prevent data loss. However, if in case, you come across photo loss due to any reason, then using a professional card recovery software is recommended. Reliable card recovery tool can recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos without causing any deterioration in the quality of the recovered image files. The software supports almost all kinds of digital cameras and memory cards. 

The comprehensible user interface of an efficient software makes it possible for you to perform the recovery of your files without much hassle. Whether you are a professional photographer or a non-professional user, photo recovery tool is simple, easy, and efficient utility for you to undo the loss of your digital files.

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