Sunday, December 25, 2011

Recovering erased digital photos from digital cameras

Digital Camera is one of the most popular digital gadgets now days. Using of digital camera is considered to be sign of pride. People often lose, destroy or mistakenly erase digital photos stored on their cameras removable storage media. Generally, Memory Sticks, Compact Flash cards and Secure Digital, or SD cards are used in digital cameras to store digital files. Most people think that if you accidentally or intentionally delete a photo from a memory card or a hard drive, it is gone for ever. But this is not true; those photos are still on the memory card and can be recovered by using a photo recovery utility.

The first and most important thing, when you realize that you have deleted photos from your memory card, stop using that card immediately. Switch off camera and take it out from the camera to make sure that you will not reuse it before the recovery of your digital photos. This is first precautionary step which will help you to achieve successful recovery of lost photos.

As an image is written to the card, the location on the card for that photograph is written to an index. When a file is deleted or erased, the information in the index is deleted the location is marked as available for more data to be recorded there. But, the original photo still exists. Only the index entry which points to the file is deleted. If it is not overwritten by any file or wiped out by using any software, it is completely recoverable by using a Photo Recovery Software.

Recovery Steps:

If you have accidentally deleted your photos, audios or video files from the memory card of your digital camera, do not panic just, follow these steps to recover them.

  1. Do not store any new photos on memory card of camera until you have recovered the deleted photos.
  2. Download the free version of Photo Recovery Software.
  3. Attach your card to the computer via the card reader, as you normally would do to download the photos to your computer.
  4. Run the free version photo recovery software and follow the instructions and you will get a preview of all recoverable photos.
  5. If you find the photos you were looking for, get the full version of photo recovery software to recover them all.

Photo Recovery Software is an easy-to-use recovery tool that will perform the photo recovery process quickly and easily. It is robust enough to recover lost photos, audios and video files unless some physical damage has been done to the memory card. It scans the card and detects all the deleted files and show the preview of all the photos that are recoverable.

Monday, October 24, 2011

How to recover deleted photos from XD-Picture Card?

XD-Picture Card is a type of memory card which works on flash technology and used in various digital devices like Digital Camera, Digital Camcorder, Palmtop, iPhone etc. It’s storage capacity is from 16MB to 2GB.

It is preferred choice of photographers to store digital photos because of having high storage capacity as well as portability. Although, it is safe to store digital photos, but sometimes, it gets corrupted and render inaccessible. In this situation, either restore the backup of previous photos or use advanced photo recovery software to recover photos from corrupted media.

Suppose, you are going on a picnic with your friends and you have taken a digital camera to capture some pictures of the picnic party. As per the plan, you captured numbers of photos and returned to home. Next day, while you try to view those photos, it occurred an error saying- “Card require formatting”

The camera use to switch off automatically after showing the above error. You switched it on again and try to view some other photos, but, got the same result; showing the error on camera screen and going in switch off mode.

The above error message is an indication that the card of the camera is corrupted. An XD card is corrupted due to following possible reasons:
  1. Human interruption while a read/write process is running
  2. Conking of battery
  3. Virus Infection etc.
To overcome the above situation, you must follow these steps:
  1. Connect the XD card of the camera to your computer through card reader and check if the photos are accessible or not.
  2. If photos are accessible, then take the backup of it as soon as possible.
  3. In case, the photos are not accessible, then format the XD card in camera itself and avoid overwriting as long as you do not recover lost photos.
  4. Now, search on the web for any photo recovery software, after finding a suitable one, download and install the software on your computer
  5. Now, Run the program and scan the XD card.
  6. It will show preview of all the photos. Select the photos you want to recover and click on recover button to recover them.
  7. Save them to some location of your choice
Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software is an easy-to-use and read-only photo recovery tool which recovers lost photos, audios and videos from XD card including SD card, SDHC Card, MMC card and many other digital storage media.

Friday, October 21, 2011

How I recovered college life photos from formatted SD Card?

College life is the golden period of everyone’s life. I believe that most of the people miss their college days. I still remember all the activities of college life as how we used to tease classmates and how we used to bunk from college time to time and go for college park , movie etc. The moment has passed but the sweet remembrance of those unforgettable moments are yet now with me stored in form of digital photos and I do not want to lose them at any cost.

Just a couple of days ago I met one of my old college friend. We both were happy to meet after a long time. Also, I thought to show him some photos of our college days so that I inserted my sd-card through card reader to my computer but soon I was shocked as an error message appeared while transferring some files to computer. The error message was:

Card requires formatting”

I tried to pass the above error message by using the card in another camera and card reader but the same error message was shown wherever I tried to access them. I was very much depressed. At last, I had to format it and I lost all the photos including college life photos from my sd card. 
Next day, I explained the matter to my one of the friend. He listened to the matter attentively and burst into laugh. On asking the reason for laughing, He told that there is a solution for everything in this era and if you think your photos are lost due to formatting then you are totally wrong. Then he told me about the concept of photo recovery. 
He started his computer and showed me photo recovery software. He deleted some photos from an external hard drive, formatted it and recovered in front of me. I became very happy and reached to my home.

I searched for the same photo recovery software from internet and installed it on my computer. I did exactly the same what my dear friend explained to me. I became so happy and jumped from chair when I saw the preview of my college life photos. But what is it? When I clicked on recover button, It did nothing. I asked the reason to my friend over the mobile and came to know that it needs to purchase it for recovering the photos what is shown in the preview list.

Without wasting a moment, I purchased the photo recovery software and recovered all the photos including my college life photos. I am really thankful to my friend and this photo recovery software that helped me to recover my photos.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to recover RAW Photos from Digital Camera?

This is the complete digital era. We have invented several innovative products which enhance our digital lifestyle not only at home but also outside. Digital Camera is a very important invention for human beings. It facilitates them to store RAW photos in bulk which can be edited and saved in any type of image formats later.

Mostly, memory cards are used in Digital Camera to store precious photos, audios and video files. The reason of its popularity goes to its cheap price, high storing capacity and availability to local stores.

Memory card is considered to be a secured device to carry digital information from one place to another. But, it is more prone for corruption. Even a small error in card can cause a big issue of photos loss. So, Taking backup of card on regularly is a good practice because, it helps us to restore our lost photos. However, in absence of backup, the recovery of lost photos from card is possible by using comprehensive photo recovery software.

Irrespective of its name, it recovers RAW photos including other image formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, INDD and various formats of video file and audio file.

Generally, a memory card is corrupted due to human interruption in read/write operation, low battery while shooting and virus manifestation.


Whatever be the reason of photos loss. If you do not have backup files, you must use photo recovery software to recover your RAW photos and other formats of pictures. In order to recover them, you must follow these points:
  1. Search a Photo Recovery Software from Internet
  2. Install it on your local computer
  3. Connect memory card with computer with the help of Card Reader
  4. Run the program. It will automatically detect the external drive. If it does not detect then specify the drive of memory card and click on scan button
  5. After scanning for few minutes, it will preview a list of all the possible recoverable files. Select from the list and click on recover button for recovery
  6. It will ask you to save it. Just save it on some location other than the drive from which you are recovering.
The photo recovery software is a robust tool which Recover RAW Images and various other format of photos, audios and videos.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Recovery of deleted photos from memory card

Have you lost your precious pictures due to corruption of memory card? Do you want to recover it ? If yes, then, this is the right article for you.

As you are aware of the fact that memory card like SD card, SDHC card, MMC card, XD card etc are used in digital cameras to store digital pictures and digital videos. In short, simple data storage plus advanced features make the digital camera popular and highly usable.

Though, memory cards are considered to be secured device to store digital information, We can not ignore the fact that few times, memory card fall into prey of corruption and becomes inaccessible. So, it is recommended to always keep a backup copy of all your digital pictures and movie clips of in order to prevent data loss. Situations, like memory card corruption and accidental file deletion can cause your precious memories to get lost and necessitate you to use applications like, a Photo Recovery Software.

Consider a situation: You are transferring pictures and videos from your Canon PowerShot G11 camera to computer in order to create space on its external memory (SD card). Then you suddenly remove the camera from computer because of going somewhere immediately without considering that a read/write process is running. The next time, when you try to view the pictures on the same SD card of Canon Canon PowerShot G11, it cannot be accessed and instead gives an error:

"Memory card error."

Apart from the above situation, a memory card can get corrupted due to several other reasons.

Main Reason of Corruption of Card:
  1. Virus infection
  2. Conking of Battery while the Camera is in use
  3. Power Shutdown when any file is open
  4. Pulling the card out when a file is being read from card
  5. Throwing of card on floor etc.
Whatever be the reason of corruption of card, you will not be able to view the stored files, if it is corrupted. Moreover, you will not be able to store any new files on card.

Since the memory card is unusable, the only solution to bring it back in working condition is to reformat the memory card. But, Reformatting of memory card is not a safe option (since it leads to loss of all the pictures and video files) unless you have a backup of all your precious files. So, think for a while before formatting the card!


You can ask a valid question, what to do in absence of backup of card?
And the right answer is to use a third-party photo recovery tool to Recover Deleted Photos.
The Photo Recovery Software are designed in a way that it can scan many affected digital storage media like memory card, hard disk, CD, DVD, memory sticks, flash drive etc and recover lost photos and videos from it. These tools are user-friendly and quite easy to use.

Steps to follow:
  1. insert the card in a card reader and attach with computer
  2. Run the photo recovery program and specify the path of the drive to scan
  3. After Scanning, it will show preview of recoverable files.
  4. Select the files from preview list and click on recovery button for recovery
  5. Save it with some name on other drive than source location.

This type of Photo Recovery Tool has interactive user-interface, which makes the recovery process easier and simpler. It supports recovery with multiple operating systems.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Raw Photo Recovery

Now-a-days, digital camera has become the necessity. There is no single family who do not have at least one digital camera in his/her family. The reason of popularity goes to its multi features and reduced maintenance cost.

It provides the facility to save our photos in the format of our choice. The both, JPEG and RAW format are the most popular formats and used by the Photographers.

The reason of using these two formats by the photographer is that it facilitates him/her to edit it as per need or you can say to make it more attractive. They can use RAW photo to save in any file formats supported by the camera.

Some of the popular RAW file formats used by the Digital Camera Manufactures are as below:

Nikon: NEF, NRW
Canon: CR2, CRW
Olympus: ORF
Sony: SR2, ARW, SRF
Kodak: K25, KDC, DCR
Fuji: RAF
Minolta: MRW
Pentax: PEF
Sigma: X3F
Epson: ERF etc.

Many times, our important RAW photos are lost due to human interruption in read/write process of memory card, virus manifestation or some other reasons.

Suppose, you are on vacation in Switzerland with your family. You snapped too many pictures of your 5 year old daughter and saved in RAW formats so that you can edit it later. But on returned from the trip, when you try to see them, it shows following error:

Card Error”

It might have happened due to any of the above reasons.


Some of the popular reasons that causes a memory card to be corrupted are as below:

1.Human intervention while a file is being written/read from card
2.Virus Infection
3.Conking of Battery while using the device like camera or camcorder
4.Switching off the camera too frequently while using.


As, there is no backup of those photos, so, there is only one way to download a RAW Photo Recovery software from Internet and install on your computer. Now, you must follow below steps in order to recover them successfully:

  1. Take the card out of camera, insert in a card reader and attach with computer via USB port
  2. Run the RAW Photo Recovery Program and scan the card
  3. It will show preview of all the stored photos including RAW photos
  4. select from the list and click on Recover button to recover them
  5. Save them on some location other than the drive from which you are recovering
Raw Photo Recovery Software is one of the most suitable photo recovery software and used by the Professional photographers. It recovers lost photos, audios and videos from memory card and other digital storage media.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Get 20% discount on Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

Edison, N.J., 19th Aug 2011: Stellar Data Recovery a reckoned name in recovery products and services is celebrating World Photography Day by offering 3 day special discounts on Stellar Photo Recovery Software Solutions to help customers bring back their lost memories. Stellar Photo Recovery Solutions help you recover and repair back your lost, deleted or corrupt photo, audio and video.

Today is World Photography Day, a day when all the photographers around the world come together to share their passion for photography. Stellar would like to wish everyone Happy Photography Day” said Sunil Chandna, CEO Stellar Data Recovery. He also added “On this special occasion we would like to offer flat 20% discount on our popular Stellar Photo Recovery Solutions that can be availed from our website”

Stellar Photo Recovery Software Solutions consist of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a robust tool that recovers lost, deleted or formatted photos, audio, videos from various storage devices, including hard drives and all types of external storage media whereas Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is a complete solution for repairing corrupt photographs and image files having JPG or JPEG format from hard disk, memory card or any other media used for storage of image files. Stellar is celebrating world photography day with its customers and is offering 20% discount on its photo recovery and photo repair tools. The offer is valid from 19th August till 21st August 2011.

Pricing and Availability

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is available for immediate download in single user licenses. The software can be purchased online at flat 20% discounted price. The offer is valid from 19th August till 21st August 2011.

About Stellar Information Systems Ltd

Stellar Information Systems Limited [a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner] is the only ISO 9001-2008 certified company specializing in data recovery software and in-lab services. Established in 1993 by a group of technocrat professionals; Stellar is the most trusted brand with a user of 1 million+ across 137 countries, transparent money back policy and 24 hours support. Stellar Phoenix products are Windows7 compatible and have bagged various awards & accolades.

Contact Information:

For more information about the product features and purchase options:
Voice : +1-877-778-6083 (TOLL FREE)
Web Address-

Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Recover deleted Photos from Laptop which is virus infected

Photos are the most essential part of our life as they store some very memorable moments. Time to time, the photo capturing technology has updated itself. Previously there were film based camera and now we have digital camera.

Digital cameras have given us liberty to click numerous pictures and delete the unwanted ones. Sometimes due to human error, you have lost, formatted, or deleted photos from your digital camera, you can recover them by a third-party photo recovery software.

However, if you have an updated backup of these photos, you can very easily restore them with that backup.

Let us discuss a practical case wherein a professional photographer who has all the images stored in his Windows XP based laptop. A customer, who has some pictures in his pen drive came to him and asked him to edit and print those photos. As soon as the photographer inserted the pen drive to his laptop all his data deleted. The Photographer became crazy as all the photos stored in the laptop were taken fresh and he has not taken any backup of those photos anywhere.

Below, we will discuss some cause due to which he got trapped in this situation.


The obvious cause is that there was something fishy with the pen drive as after its insertion the data loss situation has happened. There was some virus in the pen drive that infected the Laptop of the photographer.


The photographer was in sudden loss as whole of his business is dependent over the stored pictures. As he did not have any backup so, he has to use photo recovery software to recover deleted photos.

Third-party software is capable enough to recover all lost, deleted, or formatted photos until and unless they have not overwritten. Thus, in case of data loss from any storage media it is recommended to stop using storage media immediately till the recovery has taken place.

How to recover lost photos from Laptop:
  1. Download and Install powerful photo recovery software.
  2. Run the software and select the drive from where you have lost photos
  3. Scan your drive; select the image file formats from advance option.
  4. You will get preview of your lost photos
  5. Recover those photos and save to a different location (other drive).
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is one such award winning software which recovers lost, deleted and formatted photos from virus infected hard drive , memory card, digital camera and other storage devices efficiently, without losing your actual data. It supports various OS like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win2000 and Win NT.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recover deleted photos from Panasonic DMC-FP8 Digital Camera

Panasonic DMC-FP8 Digital Camera is a small and lightweight camera featuring fastest autofocus and a start-up time of 0.95 seconds. Besides this, it includes many other stunning features like: 12.1MP Camera, 2.7” LCD Screen, 46x optical zoom, self timer of 2 to 10 seconds etc. It has 40MB Internal Memory and uses both the popular memory card: SD memory card and SDHC memory card to store digital files.

SD cards are very good to store digital files e.g. photos, audios and videos. But, many times, they get corrupt due to various reasons and become inaccessible. In such situations, you should have either updated backup of your card or a powerful photo recovery utility. In absence of updated and clean backup, the photo recovery software is a viable solution to recover your lost photos from memory card which have been corrupt or mistakenly formatted.

Various Reasons of memory card corruption:

1.    Low Battery while using Camera
2.    Taking out card from camera while clicking the photos
3.    Pulling of card from camera while a file is being transferred to computer via card reader
4.    Virus Manifestation


While you have indulged in any such activities, stop using the card immediately and do not over write any data on your card.

Just Install Photo Recovery Software. Connect your card to the card reader, specify the drive and recover your lost and deleted photos within minutes.

What to do when you card has gone crazy or inaccessible?

1. Do not use the card
2. Do not store any photos on your card
3. Place the Card in a Safe Place
4. Check card is accessible by card reader or USB drive
5. Download and Install Photo Recovery Software

Hope this will solve the Problem.. Happy Clicking!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

How to restore digital photos with photo recovery software?

This is the modern digital era. Earlier, we used to store our photos and videos in films. No doubt, Films were much secured to store digital photos and other digital files. But, its storage capacity was very less. It compelled us to look for other options which can store more photos and videos. With the advent of memory card, it could be possible to store bulk amount of photos, videos and other multimedia files. It also facilitates us to store all the photos and other files on the same memory card. Whether it is SD card, SDHC card, XD card or MMC card, it needs some careful handling because it is vulnerable and mishandling of it may arise a major issue of photo loss.

It is always a good job to take back-up of memory card on frequent basis. But, many times, due to laziness or lack of time, user forgets to take back-up of memory card. In this situation, if the memory card is corrupted, then recovery of photos and other files becomes a little bit complex. In absence of clean and updated back-ups, the use of photo recovery software is must.

Take a scenario; you have gone for a picnic party with your family. You have taken your Old Canon Camera to capture the happy moment of your family. You clicked many photos. But, on return, when you try to view them, it shows following error:

“Card Error”

After showing this error, the camera shut down itself. When you restart it the same error message is shown.


The above error message indicates that there is something messy with the memory card of your old canon camera. It is an indication of corruption of card. A memory card is corrupted due to following reasons.

  • Virus Manifestation
  • Taking out of card while a file is being written on it
  • Taking out of card while a file is transferred to computer via card reader
  • Conking of battery etc.

If you ever encounter such situation, stop using the camera immediately. Now, search for a read-only photo recovery utility on net. There are various utilities available on net. Download a photo recovery tool and install in your computer system. Now, format the card in camera itself. The process installs a new file system and deletes all the previously stored files of the memory card. The use of photo recovery software is useful when the recovery is not possible by any other means.

The photo recovery software incorporates very good scanning algorithms which is powerful enough to recover lost of deleted photos, audios and videos from corrupted and formatted memory cards including hard drive, zip drive, CDs, DVDs, usb drive, flash drive and many other digital storage devices.

photo recovery software is a popular and trusted Photo Recovery tool, provides complete recovery of all multimedia media files (Photos, audios and videos) from a formatted memory card. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, the recovery tool supports recovery of all latest file formats, including AVI, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, MOV, MIDI, etc.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Digital Photo Recovery Software - Get your photos back

Digital storage media are very popular among Camera users. The Digital memory can store numbers of photos. It stores more files in comparison to photographic prints. But, we can not ignore the fact that digital memory or digital storage media are more prone to loose stored digital files as compared to photographic prints. File system corruption of card is the main reason that might make you helpless to access the stored photos files of the card. However, it is possible to view those photos back by using a Digital Photo Recovery Software.

You can get your digital photos, audios and videos back from SD card, SDHC card, XD card, MMC card including CDs, DVDs, flash drive, zip drive, usb drive and other digital storage media. The Digital Photo Recovery Software is helpful to undelete photos only in logical error case. If the digital storage media is physically crashed then you must send the storage media to Data Recovery Center. In this case, there is no guarantee that the stored files will be retrieved. It might be possible to recover partial data or not. It may vary on the condition of damage of storage media.

The photos, audios, videos or some other files remains on the storage media while we do not overwrite it by other files or do not sanitize it by some other mechanism. A digital file is stored at some site on the media, whose information is stored in the file system. So, when the file is deleted, this position information is detached, which thus makes the system incompetent to access it.

The Digital Photo Recovery Software empowers you to recover your lost photos and other multimedia files. Do remember, the Digital photo recovery software can not recover overwritten files so stop using the storage media as soon as you get any odd behavior or any error message on camera screen.

Notable points to preserve the photos after corruption of storage media:
  • Stop using the storage media instantly after it crashes
  • Don’t try to save any new digital file on the storage media
  • Don’t install the digital photo recovery application on the affected medium itself
  • Use the read-only Digital Photo Recovery application
The Digital Photo Recovery software is a non-destructive and comprehensive digital photo recovery tool recovers lost photos from all digital cameras, memory cards, hard drives, flash cards and other storage media. Accessible for both Windows and Mac, this recovery tool is well-matched with nearly all of the digital file formats.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Digital Photo Recovery: Recover deleted photos from corrupted memory card

The Invention of Digital Camera and Digital Camcorders has brought a revolution in the field of photography. The digital technology has helped us to remember happiest moment of our life for ever. Earlier, The Film were used with Digital Camera and Camcorders which were too expensive and able to store only little amount of photos and videos. Moreover, we were unable to see our photos and videos while the film is not full. Once, it was full, then only it was sent to Photo Lab for cleaning.

But, Now a days, we can see our photos whenever we want. We can print our photos whenever we want. The digital Camera and Camcorder has reduced the cost of photography.

With the introduction of memory Card, the photography field became more advanced. Now, we are able to store thousands of photograph in the same card. We can store the wedding videos in the same card.

But, many times, the memory cards get corrupted due to various reasons. Generally it is corrupted due to virus infection, Interruption in read/write process or conking of battery while capturing photos and videos.

Once, it is corrupted, you are no longer able to view those photos and videos. Moreover, you can not store any new photo or videos in it. In this situation, do not frustrate and stop using the card immediately because further using of it may overwrite the stored photos and videos and you will not be able to recover them for good.

The photos, videos and other files are intact on the card. Only the file system of the card is corrupted. So you can recover them by using a Digital Photo Recovery mechanism.

Advantages of using Digital Photo Recovery:

There are various advantages of Digital Photo Recovery. Some of them are as below:

1.User-friendly GUI helps a non-computer professional to understand the steps of recovery.
2.Recovers files in 3 easy steps i.e Start, Scan and Recover
3.Recovers Images file formats : JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, JP2, INDD, PSD
4.Recovers audio file formats : WAV, MP3, AIFF, RPS, MIDI, M4A, M4P, AU, OGG, WMA, RM
5.Supports video file formats : AVI , MPEG , MOV , 3GP , ASF, WMV , MP4 , M4V , Digital Video(DV), 3G2, M4B
6.Recovers photos, audio & video files from various memory cards (SD, XD card, Picture Card, CF Cards, MMC Card), Hard drive, Digital Cameras, iPods, memory sticks, CDs, DVDs, mini disks, and Zip drives and other removable media.
7.Recovers Raw file formats from Cannon (CR2, CRW), Nikon (NEF, NRW), Sony (SR2, SRF, ARW), Kodak (K25, KDC), Fuji (RAF), Pentax (PEF) etc
8.Compatible with both the popular operating system: Windows and Mac. 

Digital Photo Recovery Software is an awesome Photo Recovery utility, used to recover lost photos and videos from various from various corrupt or damage storage media including memory cards, memory sticks, Windows/Mac hard drives, USBs and other removable media. The digital photo recovery tool perform recovery in three simple steps viz Start, Scan and Recover.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to recover digital pictures from USB flash drive?

USB flash drive a small external storage device that stores data(for ex- photos, audios, videos and many others) in its inbuilt flash memory. Earlier, we were using Floppy Disks and CD(Compact Disk). The data storing capacity of Floppy Disks and Cds were very less. Besides, they were inexpensive and vulnerable to be corrupted. On the other hand, the USB falsh drive can store high-definition data(photos and videos) in bulk. It is portable and can be used by inserting in usb port of any system.

No doubt, USB flash drive is very secured to store high-definition pictures and videos. But, we can not forget fact that USB flash drive also get corrupted many times and become inaccessible. In this situation, if you have back-up of your pictures and videos then just format the USB flash drive and restore the clean back-ups. However, in absense of ready updates, The use of a Card Recovery Software or Digital Photo Recovery is must.

Take a Scenario: You have stored some pictures of your childhood friends in USB flash drive. After few months, you want to upload these pictures on facebook so that they can also see these pictures. But, when you connect the flash drive with computer system, you are unable to access the file.

There may be two reasons of the above reasons: Virus Infection or corruption of USB drive.
A USB drive may get corrupted due to following reasons:
  1. Virus Infection in the USB flash drive
  2. Taking out of USB flash drive from computer while a read/write operation is in process
  3. Falling of USB flash drive on floor etc.
if there is logical error then you can recover your lost pictures and videos from USB flash drive by using a card recovery software. But, if it is physically damaged, then there is no way except sending the USB flash drive to Stellar Data Recovery Center.
You must following steps to recover pictures and videos from USB flash drive:
  1. Do not overwrite the previous stored pictures and videos of the flash drive
  2. Download Card Recovery Software from Internet and install on your computer system.
  3. Insert the flash drive in USB port and run the software. It will ask you to locate the drive to scan. Select the drive on which usb drive is showing
  4. After scanning, it will show you the list of pictures, audios and video
  5. Select the files from the list and press on recover button for recovery
Card Recovery Software is a comprehensive card recovery utility used to recover lost pictures, audios and videos from any corrupted or formatted storage media. It is compatible with various operating systems like Windows 7 / Vista/ XP / 2003 /2000/Windows NT and Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Snow leopard, 10.3.9.

Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Recover Deleted Pictures From Digital Camera

This is a Digital Era. Everyone uses Digital camera to capture photos and videos of the memorable moment of the life. They use digital camera to capture photos and videos, specially, when they are on tour, picnic or in some parties like wedding ceremony, birthday etc.

After returning from the tour or picnic, they transfer their pictures to computer so that they can send it to some friends and relatives. They, generally, delete them off from the camera as soon as they think that the pictures are uploaded in computer. Many times, due to some problems the pictures are not actually uploaded resulting loss of pictures. In this situation, they do not have back-up files also. So there is no way except using some photo recovery tool. There are many proven photo recovery utility to fix this problem.

However, you should follow some of the common thing in this situation in order to recover deleted pictures from digital camera. The thing is that stop using camera as soon as you encounter the above situation. Because further using of the camera may overwrite the previous stored pictures and you will not be able to recover them for ever.

Now, look for a good and read-only photo recovery software on Internet and install on your computer system. Scan the card of the camera using photo recovery software. You will be able to glimpse of the stored photos if they are recoverable. Select the pictures from the list and click on Recover in order to recover them successfully.

Photo Recovery Software is one of the award winning photo recovery utility that recovers lost pictures and videos from memory card including hard disks, flash drive, zip drive, Cds, DVDs etc. Its available in two variants: Mac and Windows to assist the recover of pictures and other digital files for mac and windows users.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How I recovered lost photos of my Grand Father using Digital Photo Recovery Software

It is too frustrating when an important photo of past event is lost. The photos and videos are our past asset that we do not want to loose at any cost. By seeing the photos of past, we can easily remember our sweet moment of past.

I, still, remember the situation when i had lost the photos of my Grand Father due to corruption of memory card. I was transfering the photos from old SD card to computer. But, the computer was not showing any external drive. When i inserted the card again in My New Canon Camera then it started to show following error:

Card Error”

I became very anxious for the photos of my Grand father as it was very important for me. How can i forget him, who used to take me for walk with me. Who used to give me shoulder whenever i was required.

I started my computer system in the hope that i may get some Digital Photo Recovery Software on Internet. There were pleanty of of photo recovery software available on net.

I found, Photo Recovery Software. The trial version of it was able to preview the list of photos, audios and videos. So i downloaded it to check whether the photo still exist in my SD card.

I jumped from chair with great happiness when it showed the photos that was looking for. I tried to recover the photos but there was some limitation in the trial version so i could not recover it by myself. When i contacted Technical Support team and told the real situation, they suggested me to use its full version.

After purchasing its full version which costs($39) very less amount, I could easily recovered the lost photos of my inspiration: My Grand Father.

photo recovery software is an ultimate photo recovery software that recovers lost photos and videos from not only memory cards but also from other storage devices like – hard disk, pen drive, flash drive, CDS, DVDs, zip drive, memory sticks etc.

It works very fine with Windows and Mac operating system.