Monday, December 17, 2012

Six Tips to Buy Best digital Camera

Memories are precious for everyone. To capture most valuable memories every one wish to opt best digital technology. You always expect your memories should be crystal clear. With the advancement in technology to fulfill your wishes digital camera is there. But here is the question, which one is best for you out of thousands of available options.

The following tips will guide you to buy the best digital camera.
  1. First decide your need about the digital camera. Many people buy digital camera after seeing big price tags but later they realize that their needs were very less they didn't need these big shot camera. So before buying, sort out your needs for digital camera.
  2. Decide the camera according to resolution: Many people don't know about the purpose of camera resolution. Camera resolution is to shoot large size photos and print them in king size. Photos taken in high resolution are big in size. For normal user 5-10 mega pixel cameras is more than enough to take good quality photos and print them in same quality. If you are profession photographer you can go for high end camera as you need to edit the pictures manually on computer for visual effects.
  3. Consider the zoom factor of camera: Zooming is an important factor. When you purchase a digital camera give more value to it than mega pixels. Digital cameras are available with 2 type of zoom a) digital zoom b) Optical zoom. Digital zoom camera are good but it makes your pictures little spread unlike the optical zoom camera so it is always better to purchase optical zoom camera. Digital cameras are available with 3x zoom to 12x zoom. Choose the camera according to your zoom requirement.
  4. Choice between Point Shoot and DSLR: If you are new in photography and want easy to use camera always go with point shoot camera. They are easy to use and easy to carry. DSLR are big in size and heavy as well, recommended for professional photographers.
  5. Before purchasing any digital camera just read the reviews on-line or in magazines. It will assist you to know what other users say about it. You can make your choice according to that.
  6. Negotiate the price. After selecting a good camera of your choice explore the price of it on different shops as well as on-line. As most of the time you will find different price of same digital camera on different shops or shopping site.

Keep Your Digital Camera Battery Healthy

Digital camera performance gets down if your camera battery is not healthy. If battery are not in good condition you can face the problems like slow snapshots, problems in reading wring the photos on memory card, etc. Even some time memory card can be corrupted because of low battery.
It is quite irritating when you are on trip and find the digital camera fully charged, batteries are dead even you have not used them for a week. So it is very important for you to keep your camera battery healthy.
Here are the few tips to save your digital camera battery life.
  1. Always turn off digital camera when it is not in use.
  2. All Digital cameras have regular view finder and LCD viewfinder. Digital LCD viewfinder has benefits over the regular viewfinder. Use LCD viewfinder when ever is needed only and turn it off after the use and use regular view finder rest of the time.
  3. Don't stop and look the preview after taking every picture. For some times it is granted to see the preview but not every time as it eats lots of battery.
  4. Whenever you use new battery pack it is must to make them ready for their optimum performance. It is always written on User manual that for first time use of new batteries first charge them full and discharge them full. Repeat this for five times. This procedure increases the life of batteries.
  5. Fully charged batteries never remain charged even they are not in use. If you are not using your batteries, charge them in a week time. This will increase the life of your batteries. If you are not using your camera for long, never keep your batteries inside the camera as it can harm your camera.