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Restore Deleted Photos from Olympus Digital Camera

Olympus is a well-known brand in the world of camera manufacturer companies. It completely matches its brand value with the quality of the camera. This range of camera offers some best photography technology with many optical options to its users. However, any electronic device cannot avoid human errors, no matters how reliable and technologically sound it is. If you will not handle it properly, you may have to experience some disastrous results and you have to use any process to retrieve deleted photo.

Like a human brain, human errors also could be unpredictable and complicated. You must take care of mistakes that you can avoid such as sudden deletion, camera or memory card formatting, and many more. Most errors result in data loss or in camera can say photo loss. In Olympus camera, mostly all the photos and other media files are stored in Memory card and popular types of storage cards are SD, SDHC, MMC, and CF.
There could be many situations where you may format memory card because of some alert messages. At times, when you insert storage media into a desktop or laptop to copy the images, the system may not recognize your card and ask for format. If you follow all the instruction without noticing the content, then it will format your Olympus camera memory card. As a result, your complete valuable digital photos will be deleted.

Events That Might Have Happened With Deletion of Picture from Olympus Digital Camera:

  1. Accidentally deletion of photos and other media files at the time by previewing them.
  2. Wrong photo deletion, during some unwanted image deletion
  3. Memory card corruption because of power supply problems at the time of transferring data from one storage mode to another one.  
  4. Picture capturing at the time of low battery status of Olympus camera can lead to memory card corruption
  5. Using the same memory card with different digital gadgets may also increase the chances of photo loss.
How a Formatted Memory Card's Photos can be Recovered:

Whenever you format the camera memory all photos and other files do not delete, but the file system removes all the information from the system. The data is still there after deletion; however, the system declares this a free space and overwrites the new information, so that something new will be stored.  So, it is very important that you must not store any new information on the formatted memory card as your deleted data files are still there and waiting to be replaced. To retrieve photos from digital camera you just have to use a good data recovery software and you will retrieve all the pictures back. The similar conditions apply on deleted photos and the recovery process also will be same.

Recovery Options

There is no manual way that you can try to recover your deleted photos from Olympus digital camera memory card. Whether it is the case of formatted memory card or accidental photo deletion, to retrieve photos from digital camera use a professional software for photo recovery. These software are quite efficient and designed for photo recovery. There are many tools available for the same process but not all of them are similarly reliable. You must be more careful while choosing a photo recovery software. click for more information 

 It is recommendable that always go for a good brand and check the reviews of the product before you try it for your Olympus camera recovery.

Data Recovery in Formatted Memory Card or Deleted Files:

  1. Download the camera recovery software and install it. Connect your Olympus digital camera with your system via USB
  2. Select the Recovery option from the Main Window
  3. Choose the Olympus camera memory card that you have formatted or deleted photos from it
  4. Scan the storage media
  5. Now according to your selection the software will show you the recovered image files and other media files
  6. Now you can save the recovered photos in your desired location and format your memory card for reuse.
  7. Note: The accuracy of recovery of photos is completely dependent upon the efficiency of the recovery tool. Therefore, select a reputed tool for Olympus digital camera recovery.

    Things You Must Remember After Memory Card Formatting or Photo Deletion in an Olympus Camera

    • Never use the same memory card for any new storage after format or deletion
    • Try to access the memory card on any computer with a card reader
    • Do not install any recovery software in the memory card as it may be overwritten on your lost data and reduce the chances of recovery

    Tips to Avoid Data Loss from Olympus Digital Camera

    • Avoid any kind of interruption during read / write process of the Olympus  camera
    • Never remove a memory card from your Olympus camera when it is in running mode
    • Do not use Olympus  camera at the time of low battery mode
    • Avoid to format your memory card on your system regularly, try to format it on the Olympus  camera only
    • Never use the Olympus  camera memory card beyond its storage capacity

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