Sunday, December 25, 2011

Recovering erased digital photos from digital cameras

Digital Camera is one of the most popular digital gadgets now days. Using of digital camera is considered to be sign of pride. People often lose, destroy or mistakenly erase digital photos stored on their cameras removable storage media. Generally, Memory Sticks, Compact Flash cards and Secure Digital, or SD cards are used in digital cameras to store digital files. Most people think that if you accidentally or intentionally delete a photo from a memory card or a hard drive, it is gone for ever. But this is not true; those photos are still on the memory card and can be recovered by using a photo recovery utility.

The first and most important thing, when you realize that you have deleted photos from your memory card, stop using that card immediately. Switch off camera and take it out from the camera to make sure that you will not reuse it before the recovery of your digital photos. This is first precautionary step which will help you to achieve successful recovery of lost photos.

As an image is written to the card, the location on the card for that photograph is written to an index. When a file is deleted or erased, the information in the index is deleted the location is marked as available for more data to be recorded there. But, the original photo still exists. Only the index entry which points to the file is deleted. If it is not overwritten by any file or wiped out by using any software, it is completely recoverable by using a Photo Recovery Software.

Recovery Steps:

If you have accidentally deleted your photos, audios or video files from the memory card of your digital camera, do not panic just, follow these steps to recover them.

  1. Do not store any new photos on memory card of camera until you have recovered the deleted photos.
  2. Download the free version of Photo Recovery Software.
  3. Attach your card to the computer via the card reader, as you normally would do to download the photos to your computer.
  4. Run the free version photo recovery software and follow the instructions and you will get a preview of all recoverable photos.
  5. If you find the photos you were looking for, get the full version of photo recovery software to recover them all.

Photo Recovery Software is an easy-to-use recovery tool that will perform the photo recovery process quickly and easily. It is robust enough to recover lost photos, audios and video files unless some physical damage has been done to the memory card. It scans the card and detects all the deleted files and show the preview of all the photos that are recoverable.

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