Monday, October 24, 2011

How to recover deleted photos from XD-Picture Card?

XD-Picture Card is a type of memory card which works on flash technology and used in various digital devices like Digital Camera, Digital Camcorder, Palmtop, iPhone etc. It’s storage capacity is from 16MB to 2GB.

It is preferred choice of photographers to store digital photos because of having high storage capacity as well as portability. Although, it is safe to store digital photos, but sometimes, it gets corrupted and render inaccessible. In this situation, either restore the backup of previous photos or use advanced photo recovery software to recover photos from corrupted media.

Suppose, you are going on a picnic with your friends and you have taken a digital camera to capture some pictures of the picnic party. As per the plan, you captured numbers of photos and returned to home. Next day, while you try to view those photos, it occurred an error saying- “Card require formatting”

The camera use to switch off automatically after showing the above error. You switched it on again and try to view some other photos, but, got the same result; showing the error on camera screen and going in switch off mode.

The above error message is an indication that the card of the camera is corrupted. An XD card is corrupted due to following possible reasons:
  1. Human interruption while a read/write process is running
  2. Conking of battery
  3. Virus Infection etc.
To overcome the above situation, you must follow these steps:
  1. Connect the XD card of the camera to your computer through card reader and check if the photos are accessible or not.
  2. If photos are accessible, then take the backup of it as soon as possible.
  3. In case, the photos are not accessible, then format the XD card in camera itself and avoid overwriting as long as you do not recover lost photos.
  4. Now, search on the web for any photo recovery software, after finding a suitable one, download and install the software on your computer
  5. Now, Run the program and scan the XD card.
  6. It will show preview of all the photos. Select the photos you want to recover and click on recover button to recover them.
  7. Save them to some location of your choice
Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software is an easy-to-use and read-only photo recovery tool which recovers lost photos, audios and videos from XD card including SD card, SDHC Card, MMC card and many other digital storage media.

Friday, October 21, 2011

How I recovered college life photos from formatted SD Card?

College life is the golden period of everyone’s life. I believe that most of the people miss their college days. I still remember all the activities of college life as how we used to tease classmates and how we used to bunk from college time to time and go for college park , movie etc. The moment has passed but the sweet remembrance of those unforgettable moments are yet now with me stored in form of digital photos and I do not want to lose them at any cost.

Just a couple of days ago I met one of my old college friend. We both were happy to meet after a long time. Also, I thought to show him some photos of our college days so that I inserted my sd-card through card reader to my computer but soon I was shocked as an error message appeared while transferring some files to computer. The error message was:

Card requires formatting”

I tried to pass the above error message by using the card in another camera and card reader but the same error message was shown wherever I tried to access them. I was very much depressed. At last, I had to format it and I lost all the photos including college life photos from my sd card. 
Next day, I explained the matter to my one of the friend. He listened to the matter attentively and burst into laugh. On asking the reason for laughing, He told that there is a solution for everything in this era and if you think your photos are lost due to formatting then you are totally wrong. Then he told me about the concept of photo recovery. 
He started his computer and showed me photo recovery software. He deleted some photos from an external hard drive, formatted it and recovered in front of me. I became very happy and reached to my home.

I searched for the same photo recovery software from internet and installed it on my computer. I did exactly the same what my dear friend explained to me. I became so happy and jumped from chair when I saw the preview of my college life photos. But what is it? When I clicked on recover button, It did nothing. I asked the reason to my friend over the mobile and came to know that it needs to purchase it for recovering the photos what is shown in the preview list.

Without wasting a moment, I purchased the photo recovery software and recovered all the photos including my college life photos. I am really thankful to my friend and this photo recovery software that helped me to recover my photos.