Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to recover pictures from memory card error

From childhood till now photos are the only partner which reminds us about our beautiful past. All of us have sweet memories attached with someone special it can be our grandparents, friends, neighbors and when they are not with us photos is only the way through which we could feel the time spent with them.

We use memory cards to store our pictures in camera, Mobile, iPod and even we use memory card for transferring pictures in Laptops, computer. However the corruption of these memory cards can make the photos inaccessible for us. When the memory card gets corrupted it displays an error message.
“Card locked”    and “memory card error”The corruption in the memory card can be due to several reasons these can be:
      ·  Abnormal insertion/removal of memory card
      ·   Improper read/write operation
      ·   Virus attack on memory card
      ·  Abrupt switching off of camera
      ·  Scratch on the metallic part of the memory card

As the corruption in the memory card is normal it is recommended to take the back up every time when you add something new in your memory card. The corruption problem of the memory card can be sort by formatting the memory card. This would bring back the memory card in working condition but the data saved in memory card will be lost. The lost data can be recovered by using an updated backup. If you do not have any updated backup then you need third party recovery software.

Stellar phoenix software can recover your photos from corrupted memory card no need to format your card if you are not having any backup of your data. The stellar phoenix photo recovery software can recover your inaccessible pictures from memory card which is corrupted. This software not only recovers your lost pictures but at the same time it can recover your videos, audio from corrupted memory card.

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