Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How I recovered lost photos of my Grand Father using Digital Photo Recovery Software

It is too frustrating when an important photo of past event is lost. The photos and videos are our past asset that we do not want to loose at any cost. By seeing the photos of past, we can easily remember our sweet moment of past.

I, still, remember the situation when i had lost the photos of my Grand Father due to corruption of memory card. I was transfering the photos from old SD card to computer. But, the computer was not showing any external drive. When i inserted the card again in My New Canon Camera then it started to show following error:

Card Error”

I became very anxious for the photos of my Grand father as it was very important for me. How can i forget him, who used to take me for walk with me. Who used to give me shoulder whenever i was required.

I started my computer system in the hope that i may get some Digital Photo Recovery Software on Internet. There were pleanty of of photo recovery software available on net.

I found, Photo Recovery Software. The trial version of it was able to preview the list of photos, audios and videos. So i downloaded it to check whether the photo still exist in my SD card.

I jumped from chair with great happiness when it showed the photos that was looking for. I tried to recover the photos but there was some limitation in the trial version so i could not recover it by myself. When i contacted Technical Support team and told the real situation, they suggested me to use its full version.

After purchasing its full version which costs($39) very less amount, I could easily recovered the lost photos of my inspiration: My Grand Father.

photo recovery software is an ultimate photo recovery software that recovers lost photos and videos from not only memory cards but also from other storage devices like – hard disk, pen drive, flash drive, CDS, DVDs, zip drive, memory sticks etc.

It works very fine with Windows and Mac operating system.

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