Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Recover deleted Photos from Laptop which is virus infected

Photos are the most essential part of our life as they store some very memorable moments. Time to time, the photo capturing technology has updated itself. Previously there were film based camera and now we have digital camera.

Digital cameras have given us liberty to click numerous pictures and delete the unwanted ones. Sometimes due to human error, you have lost, formatted, or deleted photos from your digital camera, you can recover them by a third-party photo recovery software.

However, if you have an updated backup of these photos, you can very easily restore them with that backup.

Let us discuss a practical case wherein a professional photographer who has all the images stored in his Windows XP based laptop. A customer, who has some pictures in his pen drive came to him and asked him to edit and print those photos. As soon as the photographer inserted the pen drive to his laptop all his data deleted. The Photographer became crazy as all the photos stored in the laptop were taken fresh and he has not taken any backup of those photos anywhere.

Below, we will discuss some cause due to which he got trapped in this situation.


The obvious cause is that there was something fishy with the pen drive as after its insertion the data loss situation has happened. There was some virus in the pen drive that infected the Laptop of the photographer.


The photographer was in sudden loss as whole of his business is dependent over the stored pictures. As he did not have any backup so, he has to use photo recovery software to recover deleted photos.

Third-party software is capable enough to recover all lost, deleted, or formatted photos until and unless they have not overwritten. Thus, in case of data loss from any storage media it is recommended to stop using storage media immediately till the recovery has taken place.

How to recover lost photos from Laptop:
  1. Download and Install powerful photo recovery software.
  2. Run the software and select the drive from where you have lost photos
  3. Scan your drive; select the image file formats from advance option.
  4. You will get preview of your lost photos
  5. Recover those photos and save to a different location (other drive).
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is one such award winning software which recovers lost, deleted and formatted photos from virus infected hard drive , memory card, digital camera and other storage devices efficiently, without losing your actual data. It supports various OS like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win2000 and Win NT.

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