Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Recover Deleted Pictures From Digital Camera

This is a Digital Era. Everyone uses Digital camera to capture photos and videos of the memorable moment of the life. They use digital camera to capture photos and videos, specially, when they are on tour, picnic or in some parties like wedding ceremony, birthday etc.

After returning from the tour or picnic, they transfer their pictures to computer so that they can send it to some friends and relatives. They, generally, delete them off from the camera as soon as they think that the pictures are uploaded in computer. Many times, due to some problems the pictures are not actually uploaded resulting loss of pictures. In this situation, they do not have back-up files also. So there is no way except using some photo recovery tool. There are many proven photo recovery utility to fix this problem.

However, you should follow some of the common thing in this situation in order to recover deleted pictures from digital camera. The thing is that stop using camera as soon as you encounter the above situation. Because further using of the camera may overwrite the previous stored pictures and you will not be able to recover them for ever.

Now, look for a good and read-only photo recovery software on Internet and install on your computer system. Scan the card of the camera using photo recovery software. You will be able to glimpse of the stored photos if they are recoverable. Select the pictures from the list and click on Recover in order to recover them successfully.

Photo Recovery Software is one of the award winning photo recovery utility that recovers lost pictures and videos from memory card including hard disks, flash drive, zip drive, Cds, DVDs etc. Its available in two variants: Mac and Windows to assist the recover of pictures and other digital files for mac and windows users.

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