Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to recover digital pictures from USB flash drive?

USB flash drive a small external storage device that stores data(for ex- photos, audios, videos and many others) in its inbuilt flash memory. Earlier, we were using Floppy Disks and CD(Compact Disk). The data storing capacity of Floppy Disks and Cds were very less. Besides, they were inexpensive and vulnerable to be corrupted. On the other hand, the USB falsh drive can store high-definition data(photos and videos) in bulk. It is portable and can be used by inserting in usb port of any system.

No doubt, USB flash drive is very secured to store high-definition pictures and videos. But, we can not forget fact that USB flash drive also get corrupted many times and become inaccessible. In this situation, if you have back-up of your pictures and videos then just format the USB flash drive and restore the clean back-ups. However, in absense of ready updates, The use of a Card Recovery Software or Digital Photo Recovery is must.

Take a Scenario: You have stored some pictures of your childhood friends in USB flash drive. After few months, you want to upload these pictures on facebook so that they can also see these pictures. But, when you connect the flash drive with computer system, you are unable to access the file.

There may be two reasons of the above reasons: Virus Infection or corruption of USB drive.
A USB drive may get corrupted due to following reasons:
  1. Virus Infection in the USB flash drive
  2. Taking out of USB flash drive from computer while a read/write operation is in process
  3. Falling of USB flash drive on floor etc.
if there is logical error then you can recover your lost pictures and videos from USB flash drive by using a card recovery software. But, if it is physically damaged, then there is no way except sending the USB flash drive to Stellar Data Recovery Center.
You must following steps to recover pictures and videos from USB flash drive:
  1. Do not overwrite the previous stored pictures and videos of the flash drive
  2. Download Card Recovery Software from Internet and install on your computer system.
  3. Insert the flash drive in USB port and run the software. It will ask you to locate the drive to scan. Select the drive on which usb drive is showing
  4. After scanning, it will show you the list of pictures, audios and video
  5. Select the files from the list and press on recover button for recovery
Card Recovery Software is a comprehensive card recovery utility used to recover lost pictures, audios and videos from any corrupted or formatted storage media. It is compatible with various operating systems like Windows 7 / Vista/ XP / 2003 /2000/Windows NT and Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Snow leopard, 10.3.9.

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