Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to recover RAW Photos from Digital Camera?

This is the complete digital era. We have invented several innovative products which enhance our digital lifestyle not only at home but also outside. Digital Camera is a very important invention for human beings. It facilitates them to store RAW photos in bulk which can be edited and saved in any type of image formats later.

Mostly, memory cards are used in Digital Camera to store precious photos, audios and video files. The reason of its popularity goes to its cheap price, high storing capacity and availability to local stores.

Memory card is considered to be a secured device to carry digital information from one place to another. But, it is more prone for corruption. Even a small error in card can cause a big issue of photos loss. So, Taking backup of card on regularly is a good practice because, it helps us to restore our lost photos. However, in absence of backup, the recovery of lost photos from card is possible by using comprehensive photo recovery software.

Irrespective of its name, it recovers RAW photos including other image formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, INDD and various formats of video file and audio file.

Generally, a memory card is corrupted due to human interruption in read/write operation, low battery while shooting and virus manifestation.


Whatever be the reason of photos loss. If you do not have backup files, you must use photo recovery software to recover your RAW photos and other formats of pictures. In order to recover them, you must follow these points:
  1. Search a Photo Recovery Software from Internet
  2. Install it on your local computer
  3. Connect memory card with computer with the help of Card Reader
  4. Run the program. It will automatically detect the external drive. If it does not detect then specify the drive of memory card and click on scan button
  5. After scanning for few minutes, it will preview a list of all the possible recoverable files. Select from the list and click on recover button for recovery
  6. It will ask you to save it. Just save it on some location other than the drive from which you are recovering.
The photo recovery software is a robust tool which Recover RAW Images and various other format of photos, audios and videos.

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