Monday, April 18, 2011

How to restore digital photos with photo recovery software?

This is the modern digital era. Earlier, we used to store our photos and videos in films. No doubt, Films were much secured to store digital photos and other digital files. But, its storage capacity was very less. It compelled us to look for other options which can store more photos and videos. With the advent of memory card, it could be possible to store bulk amount of photos, videos and other multimedia files. It also facilitates us to store all the photos and other files on the same memory card. Whether it is SD card, SDHC card, XD card or MMC card, it needs some careful handling because it is vulnerable and mishandling of it may arise a major issue of photo loss.

It is always a good job to take back-up of memory card on frequent basis. But, many times, due to laziness or lack of time, user forgets to take back-up of memory card. In this situation, if the memory card is corrupted, then recovery of photos and other files becomes a little bit complex. In absence of clean and updated back-ups, the use of photo recovery software is must.

Take a scenario; you have gone for a picnic party with your family. You have taken your Old Canon Camera to capture the happy moment of your family. You clicked many photos. But, on return, when you try to view them, it shows following error:

“Card Error”

After showing this error, the camera shut down itself. When you restart it the same error message is shown.


The above error message indicates that there is something messy with the memory card of your old canon camera. It is an indication of corruption of card. A memory card is corrupted due to following reasons.

  • Virus Manifestation
  • Taking out of card while a file is being written on it
  • Taking out of card while a file is transferred to computer via card reader
  • Conking of battery etc.

If you ever encounter such situation, stop using the camera immediately. Now, search for a read-only photo recovery utility on net. There are various utilities available on net. Download a photo recovery tool and install in your computer system. Now, format the card in camera itself. The process installs a new file system and deletes all the previously stored files of the memory card. The use of photo recovery software is useful when the recovery is not possible by any other means.

The photo recovery software incorporates very good scanning algorithms which is powerful enough to recover lost of deleted photos, audios and videos from corrupted and formatted memory cards including hard drive, zip drive, CDs, DVDs, usb drive, flash drive and many other digital storage devices.

photo recovery software is a popular and trusted Photo Recovery tool, provides complete recovery of all multimedia media files (Photos, audios and videos) from a formatted memory card. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, the recovery tool supports recovery of all latest file formats, including AVI, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, MOV, MIDI, etc.

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