Monday, September 5, 2011

Raw Photo Recovery

Now-a-days, digital camera has become the necessity. There is no single family who do not have at least one digital camera in his/her family. The reason of popularity goes to its multi features and reduced maintenance cost.

It provides the facility to save our photos in the format of our choice. The both, JPEG and RAW format are the most popular formats and used by the Photographers.

The reason of using these two formats by the photographer is that it facilitates him/her to edit it as per need or you can say to make it more attractive. They can use RAW photo to save in any file formats supported by the camera.

Some of the popular RAW file formats used by the Digital Camera Manufactures are as below:

Nikon: NEF, NRW
Canon: CR2, CRW
Olympus: ORF
Sony: SR2, ARW, SRF
Kodak: K25, KDC, DCR
Fuji: RAF
Minolta: MRW
Pentax: PEF
Sigma: X3F
Epson: ERF etc.

Many times, our important RAW photos are lost due to human interruption in read/write process of memory card, virus manifestation or some other reasons.

Suppose, you are on vacation in Switzerland with your family. You snapped too many pictures of your 5 year old daughter and saved in RAW formats so that you can edit it later. But on returned from the trip, when you try to see them, it shows following error:

Card Error”

It might have happened due to any of the above reasons.


Some of the popular reasons that causes a memory card to be corrupted are as below:

1.Human intervention while a file is being written/read from card
2.Virus Infection
3.Conking of Battery while using the device like camera or camcorder
4.Switching off the camera too frequently while using.


As, there is no backup of those photos, so, there is only one way to download a RAW Photo Recovery software from Internet and install on your computer. Now, you must follow below steps in order to recover them successfully:

  1. Take the card out of camera, insert in a card reader and attach with computer via USB port
  2. Run the RAW Photo Recovery Program and scan the card
  3. It will show preview of all the stored photos including RAW photos
  4. select from the list and click on Recover button to recover them
  5. Save them on some location other than the drive from which you are recovering
Raw Photo Recovery Software is one of the most suitable photo recovery software and used by the Professional photographers. It recovers lost photos, audios and videos from memory card and other digital storage media.

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