Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to recover your lost and deleted AVI files from your MAC machine

"One fine morning I decided to empty some of my unused unwanted files on my Mac. Considering this I emptied and sent few videos to trash. Suddenly I realized that few important videos are also sent to trash. To add to my dismay I had also deleted them from trash. I was not sure how to get them back which are deleted from trash." 

Now coming to the transfer process, these AVI files can easily be used for sharing on different computers via SD card.  Here we present some of the situation which may cause data loss while working on a MAC machine.

Reasons for data loss.

  •    By Enabling auto trash option,  files present in Trash Bin are automatically emptied every time    you log on to your Mac system.
  •   If you accidentally or intentionally empty your Trash then the files located in Trash gets  permanently deleted from your Mac and you can never recover them.
  •   You may trash and accidentally you delete few files without paying much intention while deleting  some unneeded ones.
  •  Making use of Shift + Command + Delete keys will delete files from Trash 

Reliable Video Recovery software is used to retrieve deleted video files from Trash. It uses safe and exclusive technique to scan Mac hard drive and recovers lost, deleted, corrupt or damaged video files from Trash. With the utilization of this software, not only AVI files, but other files such as photos, videos and documents can be recovered from Mac hard drive and external storage drives on Mac OS X.

Procedure to Retrieve AVI video files:

  1.       If your data is lost from any external hard drive then connect your external hard drive to your     Mac  machine.
  2.     Download and install Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery application to your Mac machine
  3.      Now Install the software and follow the instructions
  4.     Select the Drive from which you want to recover videos and go to the next step
  5.      Now press Scan Now
  6.     The software starts the scanning process and displays all lost AVI files in a tree structure           directory.
  7.     You can preview and recover your selected videos
  8.     After choosing your selected files , you can save the recovered files to your desired   destination 


It is recommended that while recovery procedure both the source drive and the saved files destination drive to be kept separately. This precaution is taken to make sure that the files are not overwritten since recovery from overwritten data is extremely difficult in MAC.

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