Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lost Your Photos and Videos from Sony Xperia Z3 Smarphone? Get Them Back Now

Sony is a big competitor for all the smartphone manufacturing companies available in the market. Its range of Xperia is currently one of the most popular mobile phone series. People use to wait for every new release of Sony Xperia and nowadays the most recent and upcoming Sony phone is Xperia Z3, users are waiting for. Most of us buy choose a latest phone by camera quality, which has always been a specialty of all Sony range of smartphones. People use to capture hundreds of pictures, record videos, surf the Internet, play games, and listen to music, etc. from their Sony Xperia Z3 to make their every moment special. However, while organizing or managing the images on the phone it is very often that you may lose your photos, no matter how careful you were during the process.

There could be various causes behind your photo loss from Sony Xperia Z3 such as Accidental deletion, formatted SD card or internal storage, rooted the phone, etc. if you have lost your photos because of any reason and looking for a reliable solution to recover deleted photos on android phones so download and install  a Photo Recovery software tool which recovers your complete photos and other media files from the latest Sony Xperia Z3.

Most Often Causes of Data Loss in Xperia Smart phones

Accidental deletion: 

This is the most frequent mistake that people usually do in their Smartphones. This deletion leads to photo loss in the Xperia Z3. Mostly when the user wishes to free some space in their Xperia and accidentally deletes some important picture or videos as well. Suppose you want to remove some junk and useless images from your phone or its memory card and with the selection of junk image folders you have selected some other important folders also and end up with deletion of all of them. It would be a shock for you which will surely make you frustrated and start to look for a proper solution to retrieve deleted pictures on phone.

Formatted Memory Card: 

When the memory card is accidentally formatted without a proper backup, there occurs an interruption at the time of data transfer from Xperia Z3 to computer or other devices, leading to picture loss in Sony Smartphone. Suppose if you have connected your Xperia Z3 with your system and selected external memory card. The system asks you to format your memory card, and you just clicked 'Yes' unknowingly, and a message of the successful formatted memory card appears. Of course it would be a very irritating situation for you, as your complete data from your high storage capacity memory card is lost.    

Deletion of pictures by a third party software: 

This is also a very odd situation as it is not in your hand and you will not be completely aware about it. If you have connected your Sony Xperia Z3 to computer to transfer pictures from mobile to your system and any anti-virus is running on your system at that time then the chances of data loss in Sony Xperia Z3 becomes high which can create a tensed situation for you. However, there are easy ways available by which you can now recover deleted photos on android phones.

Other Causes of Data loss in Sony Xperia Z3.

There could be much weird situation, which may results data loss such as memory card corruption because of any interruption during data transfer, improper handling of devices and memory card, etc. Some of such other data loss reasons are:

  1.  Android OS application failure or malfunction results image file loss saved on Sony   Smartphone.
  2.  Incorrect removal of memory card from the system as well as the Sony Xperia Z3  Smartphone during read or write process may lead to photo loss.
  3.  Accidental deletion of photos at the time by previewing or erasing unwanted files  from Sony  Xperia Z3 Smartphone memory.
  4.  Set Sony Z Smartphone on restore mode without keeping a backup of files as well  as folders saved. It will erase complete data of the phone memory and restore to  initial factory settings.

There are widely used tools available which has been appreciated by experts for their excellent performance and accuracy. These tools can easily recover all the lost picture of the complete available and upcoming range of Sony Xperia Smartphone. You can easily get all your lost data from these tools as they as highly efficient and reliable. These tools have the ability to recover SMS, contacts, text messages, deleted, lost and corrupt photos, music, videos, and call history, etc. files from Sony Xperia Android Smartphone.  Additionally these tools also support other cell phones, flash drives, memory cards, digital cameras, etc.   

These tools are designed and developed with highly efficient as well as an intelligent scanning mechanism that allows scanning of all the lost files and recover all the photos, audio, video file formats from different types of flash memory card at the earliest. These tools support almost all types of memory card such as SDXC, SDHC, MMC, SD as well as Memory Stick. These tools are not only designed to recover data from Sony Xperia Z3 but also support data recovery from various Android based Smartphones as well as other storage devices such as Samsung Galaxy s2, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab, with ease. These tools have the capability to recover all types of image, music, and video files.

Tips to Secure Your Sony Xperia Z3 from Data Loss

·     Avoid disconnecting your phone directly from the system without using safely                    remove option
·       Scan your system from a good anti-virus regularly
·       Set your phone one auto sync mode for the regular online backup of your pictures
·      Avoid updating the Android OS of your Sony Xperia Z3 without taking complete backup of your important image files.

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