Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What to look out for while recuperating lost or deleted photos from Micro SD Card?

With the boost in the popularity of digital technology, the risk of data loss is also increasing, once it takes place, the user has to suffer a lot. Digital data could be anything, professional or personal, but the storage media is not much different. The portable devices are one of the most common modes to store digital data; however, these devices use Micro SD cards to store photos videos and other data. After loss, it is essential to choose a reliable way of photo recovery from Micro SD card.

Micro SD card is a kind of external flash memory card, which is used to store digital information and usually used in Nintendo DS flash cards, portable media players, handheld GPS devices, expandable USB flash drives, digital cameras, and digital audio players. Initially, MicroSD cards were not offering much storage, but by the time they improved, the capacity with the maintenance of smaller size. Nowadays, the common size of a MicroSD card is (15x11x1) mm and storage capacity is from 28MB to 64GB. You can store a vast data in such tiny card and it is also supports a fast and reliable data transmission.

Photo loss is a very common issue with a MicroSD card, and it also does not consist with any kind of deleted photo storage section like Recycle bin on the computer. Therefore, if you have deleted photos intentionally or unintentionally from the MicroSD card, it will be a permanent delete and your complete data will be lost. However, there is also a proper way available to recover photos from MicroSD card, and that is recovery software.

When you delete or format the memory card, the hard drive only marks that place empty in the directory, but the data is still present in it. When you store any other photo or media file in the formatted card, the data gets overwritten on the present memory sector. So, you must take care that you will not store any data before recovery, if you want to recover it. For recovery, download and install Stellar Phoenix SD Card Recovery software  in your Windows PC and follow the below mentioned steps to retrieve your complete photos videos and other stored data in your MicroSD card.

Possible Causes of Photo Loss in MicroSD Card

There could be several reasons of photo loss and here we are going to discuss the most common causes.

Accidentally formatted Memory Card: 

Most of the times, people ignore the messages appearing at the time of MicroSD card connection and click on format option without checking. This is a very common reason of data loss. To avoid such issues, always read all the instruction and messages at the time of the MicroSD card run, weather it is inserted in the phone or computer.

Virus or Malware Infection: 

Viruses are the most common and dangerous programs that have the capability to delete photos or any data. If any virus program is executed, in the MicroSD card, the result is inaccessible photos or loss of photos. To avoid this, always check your computer weather it is infected with a virus or not and always scan it before you use the data in it.

Loss during Data Transfer:

Mostly, at the time of data transfer, if any kind of interruption occurs, it leads to the loss of the photos stored in the MicroSD. You must take care of things, which are in your hand to avoid such loss. Make sure any interruption do not happen at the time of data transfer. Do not pull out the memory card when the device is on. Eject SD card with the proper steps from computer after use.

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