Friday, August 3, 2012

How to recover photos from Samsung GX-20

The GX-20 is a 14.6 megapixel camera launched by Samsung. GX- 20 leads the DLSR race when it was announced back in December. Mostly DLSR market largely settled on 12 mega pixel as a standard resolution. GX- 20 is one of the finest DLSR we have seen because it has three or five shot bracketing, giving you eight stops in a single burst.

In GX- 20 there is a sensitivity priority mode, in which ISO can be set according to us and GX- 20 will automatically adjust its shutter speed and aperture to get the balanced photos. Samsung stores files in JPEG format and in RAW format that is DNG. All the pictures clicked from GX- 20 is either stored in its internal memory or on SD/SDHC memory card used in camera.

But for many reasons digital memory card can get corrupt or user may delete files accidentally from memory card. The owner of Samsung DX- 20 can face data loss problem due to the corruption of memory card. Below are the reasons for memory card corruption:

1.  Accidentally deleting the file from memory card or GX- 20 camera itself.
2. Pulling the memory card without the write operation to complete.
3. Using GX- 20 while the battery is very low.
4. Clicking the photos when the memory card is nearly full.
5. Camera or memory card attached with PC with is virus infected
6.Pulling out the memory card from card reader while its content is still open in PC or laptop.

These are the reasons of memory card corruption. One of the solutions is to format the memory card and restore the memory card with the backup files you have. If in case you don’t have any backup of your memory card files than you can use memory card recovery software for recovering data from your memory card.

After extensive research on the working of different recovery software’s I found stellar memory card recovery software is the best. It can recover various types of image formats, audio, video from any camera or memory card used in it. This software is available for windows (Windows 7 / Vista/ XP / 2003 /2000/Windows NT) and Mac OS X (Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, and Panther).


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