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How to retrieve and regain deleted pictures from mobile phones

Mobile market is growing fast. Everyone is using mobile phones these days for taking pictures or photo. Latest Mobile phones are offering higher Mps camera leaving reasons for the users to use their phone for taking pictures. Android is doing its best to provide better customer service to its users. With time the mobile phones are getting more compact and provide larger storage capacity to store more photos and videos. According to a recent study more than 30% of all the mobile users are smart phones users.

With advent of technology, the concern of data loss has also increased. The article below describes that how photos and videos can be recovered from the memory card of mobile phone.

For example suppose we are trying to access data from memory card, and it shows error message like “Drive not formatted would you like to format it know”. And on formatting all the data will be deleted.

Whenever required, people mostly use their mobile phones to record the wonderful moments of their life. All wonderful moment are saved in the form of image or video in the memory card of mobile phones. But data of mobile phone is not very safe as pictures or videos can get accidentally deleted or formatted. Also it may be possible that memory card is formatted or damaged. The mentioned situation can cause lost pictures or photos, but it can be possible that these pictures are very precious for someone.

Most Popular Mobiles from where data deletion can occur:

·         Samsung mobile (Galaxy Note/Golden/Alpha/S5/Omnia/i9008/i5700/G70 or SGH series etc).
·         HTC phones (HTC Desire/one/Butterfly/ My Touch/ Mobile/ etc).
·         Nokia phones (lumia 930/1520/1020/x7/ N97, E7-00 etc).
·         BlackBerry phones (Passport, Bold/Curve, Storm, Tour, Pearl etc).
·         Motorola phones (Moto G/X/E etc).
·         Sony Xperia phones (Xperia c3/E3/Z/M/ etc).

·         LG phones (Stylus/beat/bello/Optimus/Voyager/Cookie/ Accolade etc).

Causes of Mobile Phone Data Deletion

1.     Logical Failure: When data loss happens due to accidental deletion, memory card error, card corruption, formatting, virus infection or malware, electrical failure etc.
2.     Physical failure: When data loss happens due to dropping, water damage, natural disaster and other destruction factor.

In case of Physical failure, one has to contact specialized engineering services who are trained in Physical Data recovery services.

Reasons for Logical failure in Mobile phones

1.     Electricity failure or interrupted power supply.
2.     Mishandling and improper handling of diagnostics utility

3.     Improper insertion, ejection or over usage of Memory card( already full)

4.     Human mistakes (accidental deletion, dropping)

5.     Memory card Corruption

6.     Virus Infection or malware

For above mentioned situations, we use photo recovery software. To use the software, we can search on internet and download. But, most of them are technical and are not very simple to understand. In the below article, you will find an efficient tool to recover photos /pictures and audio/video files from mobile phone.

This powerful picture regaining software can regain not only pictures of mobile phone but also can regain pictures or files from most of the devices: 

1.             Hard drives and all type of external storage devices like pen drive, USB Drive.
2.             Digital Camera: Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Sony etc.
3.             Memory cards like SD card, MicroSD card, CF Card, MMC, XD etc.

Pre Preparation: detach memory card from the mobile phones, connect the card reader to the computer USB port, insert your memory card of mobile phones, it will show as portable device in the PC or laptop.

Recovery Steps

Step1- Free Download Mobile Phone picture recovery setup on below webpage: 

then install it and start up.
Step2- Click on start scan button to recover deleted picture or images or videos
Step 3- Select your portable device, Select file type
Step 4- Now click scan after that you can see all the deleted pictures or photos in preview section.
Step 5- You can see here all your deleted pictures and photos then select them and click on recover button.
Step 6- Select place where you want to store these retrieved pictures or photos.

Some Useful Tips:
1.             Always save you regained images or videos into a different folder.
2.             Always make a habit to back up your data in preferably other storage devices. You can back up data on Google drive, iCloud, etc.
3.             After deletion or corruption of memory card, avoid saving picture on that memory card because over written data have less chance to regain.
4.             Install a good antivirus software and update frequently.
5.             Follow the proper ways to insert and eject the memory card. Improper shutdown or mishandling of diagnostics utility can cause memory card corruption or inaccessible data.

In addition, this software can not only recover digital pictures or images but also supports video recovery and audio file recovery. 

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