Friday, July 20, 2012

Restore your deleted photos from Sony DLSR-A450

Restore your deleted photos from Sony DLSR-A450
Sony DLSR-A450 feels very solid and well built, with an excellent design. The control buttons are within easy reach which gives quick access to commonly used features. When buying a DLSR you have lots of choices. Sony alone has eight DLSR models to choose from and both Nikon and canon has a large list of DLSR in their basket.

As the price increases, features add on and reduces accordingly. Suppose if we talk about Sony
DLSR- A450 then you will not get some of the features of A500 and A550. Some of the features which lack are the quick AF live view mode that allows you to frame your photos using auto focus just likes with a compact camera.

Inspite of this the features which makes it a quality product are its high megapixels and at 7 frames per second, can captures images quicker than an A500. It can keep continue shooting upto 1,050 shots which is far more than A550 can manage. It is very fast and responsive so that you will never miss any of the action which you want to capture in your camera.

Battery life and image quality is excellent, as compare with the beginners model
DLSR A450 is superb. Now after knowing the technical features of DLSR A450, we will go to the second part where we will know how to recover deleted photos from Sony DLSR A450?

The recovery process is absolutely simple and effective. If you had lost your photos from
DLSR A450 due to any reasons simply use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software and it will recover your lost photos within few minutes.

Below you can find the steps to use stellar phoenix software:

1. Attach your
DLSR A450 camera with your PC or Laptop.
2. Now download the free software of stellar from
3.  After downloading the software in your PC or Laptop, double click on the ion and open it.
4.  Now click on start scan and select the media which will be the icon of your camera removable drive.
5.  Wait for few minutes, and then you will see the preview of all your lost images from your camera.
6.  Now insert the registration key in click on the recover button to recover your lost photos and save them in any drive of your PC.

You must be thinking that recovery process is much simple which are mentioned in above steps. So i would like to tell you that the above recovery process is very much genuine and effective and you will surely recover your lost photos from
DLSR A450 camera.

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