Monday, January 19, 2015

Why Eye Fi Mobi SD card’s ESP is becoming first choice for photographers!!!

With the advancement in new technology trends and devices, photographers are looking for more convenient and operational storage device instead of the old one. EyeFi Mobi SD cards are among the latest invention in SD cards. With these cards, Photographers can instantly click pictures, store and sync photos across mobile devices and tablets without the need of wi-fi network or PC. The Eye-fi card is well equipped to create its own wi-fi network
To establish the Eye fi Mobi Sd card you have to enter the 10 digit activation code. After doing that you can send your photos and videos to your iOS or Android device without the help of any cards or cables.

Eye-Fi is a company centered in Mountain View, California that manufactures SD memory cards and SDHC cards with Wi-Fi capabilities.

 Few Features of Eye Fi Mobi SD card which makes it so popular!

·         It has Wi-Fi built right into the SD memory card. Using this feature one can directly upload photos and videos over the wi-fi network instantly.

·         You can clear up the memory card space and reuse the SD card for more storage.

·         The Eye-Fi SD card is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X on smartphones or tablet (running iOS or Android).

·         Photographers can directly upload photos to online websites. They also can upload and share photos and videos through various social media websites.

·         It saves time and is fast

·         You can share your photos while travelling. Be it a planned moment or an unplanned click, you do not have to wait for cables and wires for transferring and sharing your photos and videos.

·         It offers good connectivity and is compact enough to store and handle.

·         It can easily add Wi-Fi networks where one has access to.

·         Eye fi mobi cards are hot-spots in themselves.

·                     It can easily add Wi-Fi networks where one has access to.
·          Eye fi mobi cards are hot-spots in themselves

·        Apart from all the above features, one challenge which is very common is that unless and until a photo is being uploaded/transferred, the chances of data loss still persists. It is always advisable to the photographers to keep a backup of the work. But there are few cases where one cannot avoid the data loss situation.

·         Memory card error
·         Memory Card Corruption
·         Accidental deletion
·         Unintentional or Intentional Format
·         Improper handling or mishandling

To recover photos from your Eye-fi mobi SD card, you have to rely on third party photo recoverysoftware which also can be used in various other photo loss situations .  If you have not used the SD card for any more data storage then you can recover data from your eyefi mobi SD card. 

Wrapping Up

There are many competent SD cards in the market. For example Trancend wi-fi 32 GB SDHC card, EZshare 8GB wi-fi SDHC cards eyc which can be a fair competition to Eye-fi SD cards. But again the choice depends on the needs of the photographers. Eye-fi Mobi cards have less storage space as compared to the price. You may get other Wi-Fi Sd cards in the same price range  with more storage space but the other SD cards will have certain limitation.
If we do keep the price factor aside, as a photographer, I myself will rate Eye-fi higher than other Sd  cards due to its impressive wireless range, its ability to real time photo sharing and speed. Also its fast photo syncing, cloud storage and photo sharing capabilities makes it stand apart from other wifi SD cards.

Above all, Eye fi mobi SD cards are good in creating a back-up of photos also. So grab a DSLR or point and shoot and forget about wires or cables.  Everything can happen just instantly!

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